Trade Joe Smith to Hamilton for Casey Printers.

TSN is reporting that Stefan Logan will start the next Lions game. I think this is a good move due to Smith not attending the Ackles Tribute Night and his generally poor play.

Joe Smith to Hamilton for Casey Printers is a fair trade.

good luck. why the hell would hamilton trade for Joe Smith

Of course, they have Lumsden. But Joe Smith is a bad apple here. He doesn't wanna be here. He's gotta go somewhere else.

Smith being at a lousy Shopping mall instead of the Ackles Tribute night is sickening and is sufficient grounds in my view for him to move on from here.

I'm sorry but if you're a player, and even if injured still able to walk, and you don't show up at Ackles Tribute night to honor someone who's been with the Lions for 54 years, it speaks volumes about your character and ultimately your goose is cooked.

someone has been out in the sun way too long.

Printers is not wanted in BC.

I would like to see Logan given another start. He has looked good in his previous stints. We have to remember the O Line has to open up some holes or it won,t matter if we had Emmit Smith at running back.

All the people who constantly rally for printers to return, think about it a sec. he’s playing in Hamilton like he played in BC. You can’t expect to play 50/50 and expect to stick around! Unfortunatly JJ may find this out. I like the guy but, your credibility in a quarterback goes down when you can’t get the job done more than 50% of the time! If he doesn’t at least get us to the western final by the end of the year, I really don’t see Wally keeping him around. And Buck is like DaveD. a good hit or 2 from being out for good? Would not surprise me if thier not looking for a star QB already

For whatever reason Joe Smith seems to be a tad bit slower so far this year, maybe the line isn't opening the holes big enough. If the QB struggles for any length of time , he needs to be replaced, not at the end of the game when there's no hope. Fire the offensive coordinator if he can't do the job.If somethings not working you try something else..., O.K.??

how much does Smith make? $ 200,000?

Okay, first of all Hamilton would never make that trade in a million years with Lumsden at running back.
Second of all Printers is not wanted here and nor should he be.

Joe Smith seems to have lost his first step and looks as though he has hit the preverbial "wall" that running backs tend to hit in their late 20's. Definately does not have the burst he had last year.

A trade that would make A LOT more sense if you're considering shipping Smith, would be him for Michael Bishop. Toronto seems to be happy now with Joseph starting and they are in HUGE demand for a running back. Heck, we could probably squeeze a late draft pick out of this trade too.

That Toronto trade definitely makes more sense. Management in Hamilton would have to be complete morons to trade for Smith… unless they planned on shopping Lumsden, which I seriously doubt would happen.

Chase Joe Smith to Toronto and bring in Michael Bishop and let's get this Lions team Roaring into the Grey Cup in Montreal!!!

first printers, now bishop. sheesh.

if we going to change QBs, at least let us IMPROVE.

lmao gameseven you make me laugh.

First you make a thread saying to trade Joe Smith to Hamilton for Casey Printers. Of course everybody sais its unrealistic because hamilton will never trade for Joe smith and Casey Printers is not wanted in B.C.

THEN somebody in that thread mentions trading Smith to T.O for Micheal Bishop.

So you decide to make a thread called "TRADE SMITH TO TORONTO FOR MICHEAL BISHOP" so that it looks like it was your idea.


Ok enough of this lets trade Joe smith talk. So the guy started slow and they brought in a guy for a game and had a great game. Joe has proved himself quite often. As for him not showing up for things such as the Bob Ackles tribute who knows the reason. We all know Joe moves to the beat of his own drum and aslong as he can still produce so be it.

I have seen joe at his best and trust me on this! He's coasting as other Lions players! did I mention I hate Contracts because for sum it gives them the security to coast and be comfortable! in any walk of life you perform the best when you want it the most! bad thing is they think the true fans don't notice the quality of play! we may be fans but most are not stupid! we notice real effort VS. giving up!

Well I sure as heck am not impressed with Smith saying he won't even watch Friday's game.

What the hell sort of attitude is that crapp?

I don't see Smith in BC for much longer.

Why would we want Casey's attitude back?

Last Year I thought we finally got the Running Back we needed. I was excited about Smith. This year both his onfield performance and off field stuff has sure put a damper on things.

Sadly, I must agree Smith wont last here much longer.

You know, I just watched the video on Smith and really want to like the guy. He seems extremely laid back and relaxed...but it can also be interpreted as arrogance.

When you're part of a team, that shouldn't stop when you sit a order to know what everyone's doing and how things are progresssing, you need to keep an eye on the game. Still have their backs, so to say. His lack of interest just doesn't translate to a "team player" to me. Sure, he's good...but you need a team that can gel and who are all on the same page. Chemistry plays a big part and if you're less than enthusiastic it kind of sends the message that you just don't care.