Joe Smith...released.....??????

...Free Press is reporting that Smith has been given the gate by the Bombers....ouch ...didn't see this one coming.. :roll:

havent come across that news yet papa. its not that i dont believe you i think im more just hoping its not true, to me smith has decent value and would serve as good trade bait.. however i still think the best option is bernard to the pr for now and find a way to work with giles, reid and smith...

I did!

You just can’t keep him at #3 on the RB depth chart and pay him 100+K. And no team is going to trade for him now when they know they can get him for free if they wait!

....not a fan of this move.....Joe will come back to haunt us wherever he lands....Kelly better have some good answers for getting zippo for Joe..... :thdn:

i think its a little early to assume hed be #3, I am super excited about Giles but at the same time it was preseason... how many guys have had good camps and exhibitions and then couldnt get it done in the reg season.. smith is proven and still a great back.. i think releasing him is a mistake, for now anyways.. but if giles pans out hey good move by the bombers.. i guess we'l have to wait and see

Another questionable at best move by Kelly. This guy is either a moron or a super genius. Guess you guys will find out this season.

damn. just damn.

I'm excited about Giles as much as anyone else but I look at it like this. In Smith, we had a solid running back and we knew what kind of numbers he could produce. Could I live with his stats? Absolutely. With Giles, we can get much better or maybe worse, its hard to say. I guess that's what the coaches are for. I'm not going to criticize the move because I really don't know what the right thing was here. I can justify keeping Smith as much as I can justify keeping Giles. It was a football move.

What kinda pisses me off as a Joe Smith fan as he didn't get to run the ball ONCE in front of his new coach in game action. NOT ONCE. How can you defend your job if you don't play?

To Joe: You were a very classy fella and I hope you enjoyed your time in Winnipeg, because I sure enjoyed watching you play for the Bombers. I hope you land on your feet somewhere and I'll be rootin for ya whenever your not playin the Bombers. Good luck with the rest of your career.

Why is it questionable ? He out performed Joe Smith, thats what training camp is all about. Competing for jobs. If Jobs were guarenteed, what would the point of training camp be ? It's not like Joe Smith dominated last year . He had some decent games ,but nothing spectacular. For a franchise that hasn't won in 19 years,nobody is safe.

HUGE SURPRISE!! I am not a fan of this move one bit, coulda kept him and traded him for something in return seeing as he has already been paid for this season, dumb move just releasing him, now any team can pick Smith up for absolutely nothing and have his contract paid for by the Bombers, waste of trade talent and waste of money, plain and simple!!

of course he outperformed smith seeing as smith DID NOT PLAY 1 SECOND IN PRE-SEASON and GILES PLAYED 2 FULL GAMES, give me a break man, outperformed him, that's a load of garbage!!

just assuming but I am guessing we are gonna be using some of the trick formations wild cat and whatever else maybe Smith just didn't grasp the system as well as the others did i can see both reid and giles being capable of running wild cat formation not so much with smith.

the cuts that really ticked me off were all the guys we traded for and released because the players we gave up probably would have made this team especially Amos. Goodspeed would have too but we did get bowman he's a playmaker so that doesn't sting as much but hesh alot of trades have gone for nothing and we included alot of draft picks in them too which makes things worse.

.....Kelly says he would have liked to see Smith .."work through some things' during t.c....and he was given every opportunity to do just that...This translates to me that Joe didn't 'want it' as bad some newcomers...and Giles impressed a lot....result....Joe had to go and Giles sticks...We'll see how this all works out... :roll:

It'll work out just fine, Pappa...

Freddy Reid is unquestionably the starter...Giles, and the Bernard. From what I saw in the training camp, Bernard isn't far off from what Giles brings. More of a power back than Giles, he'll run people over. We'll be better then fine at RB.