Joe Smith Question

Does anyone know how long we have Joe Smith locked up for?

He will be entering his option year next season.

Speaking of Joe Smith, did anyone else notice during the Bomber game that he looked like he was freezing to death? I mean bellaclava pulled up high while on the field, bundled on the bench and not to mention his not so good night running the ball. I mean, its not that cold in the peg yet. He's in for a surprise.

Could Joe be a fair weather player? where does he hail from? warm weather state i bet.

Don't get me wrong, I like the man and the ball player. It's just an observation.

Joe Smith was born and played College ball in Louisiana but lived most of his life in Texas. He looked okay for a Southerner.

the western final and the grey cup will both be indoors don’t need to worry too much

I had the feeling from the way he would get up after a play that he was not well. It just seems that he was in some pain.