Joe Smith goes to Shopping Mall instead of Ackles Tribute ni

Am sickened to hear Joe Smith spent last Friday night in a Shopping Mall instead of at the Ackles Tribute game.

Joe Smith better put up 500 yards Friday night or it's time for him to move on in life.

and you think crapp like this is going to get butts in seats????


If that's true, then it's extremely disheartening. I mean, we expected fans to be there to honor Bob, it goes without saying that the team should've been there too.

Disappointed to hear this.

It's true, was in the paper today. Joe is an odd one though, he's a bit off the beaten path, maybe a few shingles short of a shed ...

I don't think it should reflect on the team as a whole.

I remember school sports - all players no matter if you play or not game day had to wear suits and attend the game. Those not playing where required in the locker room at all meetings during the game and to be in the stands in suit or wearing your Jersey if injured ( suits for those of us not on the play list ).

Even my son playing peewee football here in BC last year was required to attend the 2 games he missed due to injury and be a part of pre game huddles etc ( he wanted to so no rule had to make him )

Now please don't take this as stirring the pot in the Lions forum because it is not - it is about team play and sportsmanship. Do the Canuck fans remember what happened to JR when the Coyotes where in town and he was a scratch and hit the town instead of the game? Gretzky cut him. Now I'm not saying that Joe should be cut - But I would hope that Wally as well as other other team coaches lay the law down that if your part of a team then you are with the team. If the teams don't pay to fly them to road games then of course no one expects them to be at the dome etc.

Just my 2 cents

Best time to pay respect to people is when they are still alive. Funerals and public tributes are presented for the living. In some countries, attendence is limited to only family, friends and close associates. Smith isn't obliged to attend since he has known Ackles for only a short time. Besides, Smith isn't working on that day and attendance is not mandatory.

Different strokes for different folks.Having a large team means you need to respect everybody's different nuances, you don't need to run it like the marines. I think its kinda funny and as long as he gets the job done who cares.

as long as he gets the job done who cares.
I do.

Shows a lack of respect imo. Joe's act off-field act is getting old. If he doesn't keep producing like he did last season I could see him gone pretty quickly.

Doesn't seem like the best team player if you ask me.

It's a different world nowadays. 5 years ago, my old high school football coach passed away. I got the news through the grapevine and a few of us former players from those years collectively decided to go to the funeral (we all graduated 20 years earlier). When we arrived, we were stunned to see how many former players attended, there had to have been 200 plus there, and he wasn't an active coach when he passed, he had been sick for a couple years before he died. At the end of the day, or in this case at the end of a life, you pay respect to the people that had the respect to be involved in your life in some way. It just shouldn't have to be said.

Times are changing.......

Initially I thought Joe's attitude was pretty bad - I mean he didn't show up for the tribute to Bob Ackles and he doesn't even watch the games if he's not playing.

But here's what I decided long as he shows up, like he did tonight, I really don't care what he does.

He's put it this is a job to him, not a hobby. So, when he's not working, he doesn't bother with it. If he wants to garden, read, hike and shop instead of staying connected to the team, who am I to question that. If it affects his play, then I'll be worried. Apparently it's not.

Joe comes to work and does his job. Another good game tonight. Almost 100 yards and a T.D. What more do we want?

I find it quite tacky to focus on who "didn't" go to the tribute for Bob Ackles or how many didn't stay for it. The focus should be on the fact that David Braley and the Ackles family recognized that thousands of fans that may not have known Bob personally, were nonetheless feeling a sense of loss and sadness for some one that was a dear friend on a different level. For the many season tix holders and other regular game goers that did attend the tribute, it was a wonderful way for the Lions organization to include all the "Lions family" in the grief that many of us felt to different degrees. I am very appreciative that the ownership of the Lions were so respectful of the fan's feelings that they would put this on specifically for us (there was a separate memorial for the team and close friends)which was so befitting of how Bob thought of the fans.