.....Joe Smith....extended

…Nice to see once again, Kelly getting talented players to sign on for a longer period of time…Smith is an integral part of the running game for 09 and it seems for a lot longer now…Keep on getting those stars to early signings Kelly…great news… :thup: :rockin:

Have to conceed this trade to you Papa! Roberts is retired now, Logan is in the NFL, and Smith is playing for you guys. If Kelly can keep him focussed, he'll be a good asset to the Bombers.

roberts retired? I didnt see that

In the proper offense, Smith is a load to contain. Good signing.

I like Reid, but imo, Smith should be our feature back. Nice to lock him up for a couple years.

The Achilles injury was the final straw I think.

ya, but did he officially retire?

I don’t think he is offically retired,but with his release and injury he is more than likely done. To bad he was an exciting player to watch.