Joe Smith deserves a look.

Just noticed Joe Smith was cut from the Bombers..., he was a great player for us a couple seasons ago. Could he be done already as a player? Or , Wally doesn't like him for some reason? Any thoughts?

We got rid of him for a reason as did the Bombers.

Joe Smith sucks

if you're not a team player you suck big time

Although there is quite an accumilation of Pop cans around BC Place.....

You never know, if he has the right attitude Wally may give him a second chance.

I doubt it. Wally knows all about how bad one person can be in the locker room: cancer. It'll kill a team.

I do kinda miss the 'half baked non-chalaunt how did I just score a touchdown' look 3 times a game...I wonder if he used that same expression when Wally asked him to explain why he missed Bobs Tribute...