Joe Smith better have a 500 yard game Friday

It's time for Joe Smith to ROAR and run for 500 yards Friday night.

With all this about the Funeral stuff, it's time for him to make a statement.

Baloney!!! This is a guy who lead the league in rushing last year, he shouldn't have to prove anything to the fans. The only person he needs to impress is the Coach.

Id be more than happy with a 137 yds(prediction) although Im not educated on the ability of the Al D.

Unfortunately, our run D isn't great, as both our D-line and our linebackers are undersized. Smith will probably have a good game.

Hard to say Discipline. Ever have a rock in your shoe when you are walking? Thats how I feel these days about the Lions Offense. They are moving but sometimes its painful.

I like what Jarious said today on the Team 1040 about setting up the pass with the run. Sounds like the challenge is on for Joe.

Ah, about time. I have always thought we "abandon" the run for too quickly.

Joe is a valuable asset to the Lions and last year is...........well last year! This is a new season with new stats and new games. I don't believe in a free ride because of past accomplishments! past success should get you respect! If Joe respects the team and the game he will come out and play as well as he's able! If he's not going to give his all, then Replace him with someone who will give it there all. I got nothing against Joe but the best for the team is putting in someone who will play well today! not rely on past numbers just to be in the game! If he wants to play it will show! good luck tonight Joe hope you came to play tonight!