Joe Running champ 2007?

I'd go with Joseph but it will be a tight race. If Joseph gets a chance to tie Flutie's record and Smith ties Pringle's record, that would make things even MORE interesting.

Flutie's record is what, 14? What's Pringle's record?

Pringle has 19.

But I think KJ takes the MOP. Seems to have flourished under Austins coaching. BUT i'd really like to see Smith win and hear his acceptance speech. He's kind of wacky... in a good way.

The rushing TD record is 19.
The single season record is 23.

So Arius , in your book , is Joe still only about 5th or 6th best back in the league this year and it only seems like he's good at all is because we were comparing him to Antonio Warren?

Because Jesse Lumsden got injured, I have him at 3rd at the moment.

Congrats to Smith for an outstanding year. Until he falters I'm willing to give him his dues. But I still like our Roberts.

smith did have the better season... lumsden in my mind is probably the best back in the league right now to have on your team because of his NI status. reynolds is also still up there... he sufferd from not enough opportunity this season IMO.

as for whos the best back..... in all honesty id rather reynolds or lumsden on my team if i were a GM.... Lumsden never ever quits and fights for every inch, is extremely powerfull, and fast and quick all in one. he can block very well for the QB... reynolds is slightly quicker, a bit less powerfull and an import but far less injury prone.

roberts and smith are both one way streets, extremely good at what they do however, and roberts played about 4 years without an injury... i have no problem with roberts on my team, smith would probably be my last pick

just my two cents

Ya sure is hard to give credit when you've erroneously been down playing a guy for so long . Well at least he has grudgingly made out of your cellar. :wink:

I give the guy plenty of credit.
He has had a superb year, and deserves to be the Lion nominee for player of the year.
But realistically, if I were able to pick any back in the league to start the year with next year, I take Charles Roberts and Joffrey Reynolds before I take Joe Smith.
And Jesse Lumsden was on pace to be league MOP before he got injured. He is a question mark, but the potential is there.
So I am fine with where I rank Joe.
Nothing grudging about it.

Awards are based on performance in 2007 season. Clearly, Smith is the top runningback especially since Roberts is injured. Also Smith has a chance at being the top western player because of split voting among 3 quarterbacks. Alberta voters may prefer Ray and Burris over Joseph. Since Glenn is underachieving in second half of season, Smith (representing top team in CFL)might win outstanding player award.

Gee wiz there are some neat features on this Web Site called STATS. You check them out some time. Joe Smith would have cleared 1100 yards last year if he had played the first 5 games. He was signifigant in the playoffs and is one of the best north-south power back we have had in the league in the last 5 years. He does not put the ball on the ground and can catch well out of the back field (Thats those STATS again) although last year he got way more touches through the air. DD and Buck do much more of the Dink and Dunk than JJ.