Joe Running champ 2007?

Well it seems Roberts will have a lot of pouting to do. Ya it is crapping the poor guy got hurt while chasing his crown. But Joe is being fitted as we speak.

Now lets see if he can do the job as consistently as Charlie.

It's impressive that Roberts is still neck and neck with him when you compare the teams passing attacks.

Is Roberts expected to play this week?


hes got a nasty bruise from the hit he took last week. Should be back by next week hopefully. Anyways Smith DOES indeed have the BC record, congratulations to him!

With due respect to Roberts , what some are saying about how much BC has run the ball and that's why Smith is ahead , Well up to this week when Charlie is sitting out he has had MORE rushing attempts. 256 for Smith and 262 for Roberts for a lower rush average , 5.4 to 5.3 per attempt. Also Roberts leads Joe in fumbles , 6 to 2 . While Smith leads in TD's .
Now with Roberts out some of those numbers will change of course , just going by what is up on the stats sheet up until the time Roberts sat out.
And for those that defer to history , yes Charlie has a good history , but we are talking about who wins in '07.
Having said that should Roberts come back next , yes ,he still has a chance at taking the title.

smith is a one-year wonder, i wouldn't be shocked if he doesn't rush for 1000 yards ever again. Holla

Smith is full marks for the title. He has run well all year.

...and if he does run for 1000+ next year, will you shut your yap?

I still find Roberts the better back...has more recieving yards aswell.

was your comment directed at me?

As well as fewer td’s and more fumbles with more carries and less yds to date., rocket I believe..

All awards are given for only one year at a time. :roll:

Doubt it... :roll:

No, at rocket

Jesse was good, but there's no way he could've competed with those guys in TD's.

He should be the East finalist and I think Wake will be the West finalist.

I don't know... I kind of like Joseph. I mean, 24 passing TD's and 13 rushing TD's. That's impressive.