Joe Paopao

The Gliebermans have got to get rid of this guy fast. This is really starting to pi$$ me off, the inability of the offence to move the ball. I know it’s only the first game, but i’ve been seeing this for the past 4 years. Either let your offensive co-ordinator call the plays or get him the phuck out. Last night had to be the worst offensive display i have ever seen, they had a total of 8 first downs.

Really, if it wasn’t for their defence, the score would have been a heck of a lot more than 41-16. They need to get rid of him now or else it’s too late. He’s still using the same d@mn play book that he used in Season One. The weapons are there on offence, you just need someone to help move them.

Frank Cutolo had 2 balls thrown to him, and they were both hitch passes which didn’t work. He’s a big play reciever, work him down field.

Early in the first quarter, they got the ball 2nd and like 7, they run a sweep.

He sees Ranek running the ball well, he stops running. Wear the defence down by running at them and then that will open up your passing game.

He’s not the guy for the job. Get him out NOW!!

I disagree wth canning the coach after game 1.

Ottawa’s Oline and the QB was the weakness last night.

i wanted Paopao canned after last season. and last night just fueled the fire.

Ottawa could do wonders with a better coach than Paopao.

They had only one offensive touchdown, which was all done by Armstead. Man, if that guy wasn’t in the game the 'Gades would have been held to 5 points.

And whoever said the Renegades’ defense kept them in the game was right.

Thank you. Paopao is not a good playcalling coach. And as i said, the defence played well last night, but when you’re offence is consistently going 2 and out, it wears down the defence.

I agree the team did well but the oline is very young and needs time. Why did he not allow Banks in there for a few reps. The defense did well but man long night on the field. They will get better.

I’m trying to lighten up here and show patience, but this idiot continues to prove me right. The Matt Kellett trade was the epitome of incompetence. Funny how Joe was sporting the same pathetic, defeated look on his face that he had by the middle of last season! Agree with you 100 % Gades, this clown must go! Somebody wake Forrest up!
And he better take his girlfriend Kauahi with him! Hope Lonie has some pocket change left from the peanuts he got for those season tickets.
I’m told Forrest is seldom available and difficult to get in contact. Real surprise! Result, more decision making relegated to no nothing Joe. Wasn’t as impressed with the defence as most. Only Jason Armstead stood out. Joe might trade him for Danny Mac.

Heaven’s no, anyone but Danny Mac. Isn’t Matt Dunnigan available?


the sad part is that when he came here he was hyped as an offensive genious. He is by far the the most clueless coach around. GADES I tottally agree w/ you - we have Armstead, Murphy, Woodcock, Cutolo & all pass patterns have these guys stopping to catch the ball - never moving. These guys are burners strech the defense w/ long balls.

If I could have reached thru the TV & slapped Paopao fat face when he started to call those sweeps. You have a offensive line that is getting owned out there & you start calling slow developing runs that reley on blocking first - BRUTAL

Watching the game - it should have been obivious that Paopao should have ran some bootlegs w/ Joesph & keep running Ranek so @ least the Eskimos would have to respect that aspect - rather they were just coming full speed ahead.

They have there next coach on the payroll all ready - Greg Marshall.
This guy is a class act & you can see they HUGE improvements in the Defense - Just get a impact Middle LB - Cromartie & Kault are not the answer they suck. Hopefully Cam Yeow can play there

Guys you all make good points on the play calling and the need to get the ball to Ranek and the receivers. The fact of the matter is that our O line is not allowing for much more creative play calling at the moment.

And why would you can a players coach after game 1 or 2…

If you do that you’ll loose the focus of the team… And you’ll also bring the focus on the the ownership… We all know what happens when the Gliebermans get media play…

Patience… young jedis! Don’t be so quick to pull the trigger.

Keep in mind that in Joe contract this year it says that he has to win a certain # of games for his contract to be extented… Let him earn his future job.

And for Marshall. Your right, he may soon be our HC… But in the meantime he’s coud D mastermind. Let’s let him show us what he’s got!

My thing that bugs me is that Joe may have too much on his plate as HC and GM. And Forrest… I’m not sure exactly what his job description is but I soooo wish we had Tillman with us. That guy can smell talent all the way from the Mississipi Bayou!!

See you at the game!

OK - true the OLine was the major issue 1st game - but the play calling has always been the same - you NEVER see our receivers running when they catch the ball.

PLUS - For him to go into the season w/ such a brutal group of OLinemen is brutal

Paopao has no clue - he has been given enough time - time to go. I also really wonder how much of a “player’s coach” he is. Watching Joesph by years’ end you could see that he was frustrated w/ the direction of the offence. & I remeber watching him on Rogers 22 & him saying in not so many words that he hates the playcalling but he doesn’t call plays.

They should have been on the phone w/ Burns & Dittman right after the Edmonton game. Rumor has St Germain moving to tackle - which will probablly have the same effect.

I also hate that he shows zero emotion on the sideline - the only time he ever seems to open his mouth is to tell the players to back up from the sideline.

I miss Tillman as well - he knew his stuff

Tillman only made one bad move in the 2.5 years that he was here, and that was getting rid of John Grace. Ever since he left, this defence was not the same. But the positives outweigh the negatives here, he brought in Joseph, Ranek, Tynes(when he was here, and oh boy, do i wish he still was), Armstead and a few other good ones.

But as for Paopao, don’t matter if he’s a players coach or not, you need a coach that is a winner, and he’s not the one. Another mistake was letting Kent Austin leave. They should have done anything they could have to keep him here. He would be able to help the QB’s progress and would have been a great offensive co-ordinator, and who knows, maybe even a head coach. But once again, Ottawa management dropped the ball on that one.

All good points. No disagreements here.

However we just don’t need a revolving door as we’ve certainly been privy that that back in the 90’s. And we know how that ended…

This is a 3 or 4 year old team that is loaded with talent and with some obvious weaknesses.

Last year had to be frustrating due to the injuries… Apparently this training camp was very physical one… Meanwhile teams like MTL didn’t hit at all… (no comment just simply stating that some injuries could have been avoided…)

As for Chris Burns. He was asking for too much $. And that’s why he is still waiting for a call from a CFL team… That said. I would have cut him last year for the blown time out call that cost us a game anyways…

If you look at any successful CFL team they are deep in CDN lineman… And why is that… because they are groomed … This is something we have yet to be able to do since we started as the Renegades…

Maybe just maybe we need to keep the young players we have, play them cause that’s the only way they will get better…

In other words… The Gades may have to do what the SENS did in years 1-5… suck but the young players learn and improve…

I don’t think a new coach is the answer… at the moment…

The question is though, can they keep the interest of the fans while they try to build up to that. The fans want to see that the team is progressing and they regressed last year after posting 7 wins in year 2

Hey MM you should ask Gauthier & Vilimek what they think - they couldn’t wait to leave.

Looking at last game - maybe Burns does deserve some $$$ - when half of our OLine has played in a couple of years

Bottom line the issues on this team rest on the empty head of Paopao - git rid of that A$$ & things will improve. My prediction is we will unfortunately lose 1st three games & Paopao will be fired

Here are a couple points:

-It’s safe to say we’ll be 0-3 with or without a new coach…

-fans will see the team progress, it’s a new team and we have better players in key positions then many in eastern div. (with or without a new coach)

-fans with their $99 tix will to be drunk to notice how bad they play (with or without a new coach)

-it’s going to be an exciting season on the field and in the stands!

I hope you’re right MM, cause i can’t take another season like last season. Where do you sit by the way? I’m section DD

I hope I’m right as well!!

I can’t see us having the amount of injuries as last year… And if we do Lonie better buy us some new ones!!!

I’m in JJ

I see you poiut & I just find it so frustrating w/ his play calling & use (lack) of personnel.

Vilimek never got a chance - every preseason he would rip off a huge run & never get to touch the ball in the regular season

He should have made Kent Austion Offensive Coord

& WASTING roster spots on his son - I just think Ottawa will improve once he is gone

Getting rid of Austin was a mistake, he really helped out Jospeh during his rookie year.