Joe Paopao

I was at a bar in Burlington called the Slye Fox last night and Joe Paopao walked in, he looked like he was with family so, I didn’t want to disturb him. Anyone know what he’s doing these days?

Coaching at Waterloo University with Head Coach Dennis Mc Fee,
former Defensive Line and linebackers coach with the Tiger Cats.

8) I've talked to Joe a couple of times over the past several months out here in Burlington. He said that he and his family will continue to live here since they love this area. I read a newspaper article advertising the Halton Invictas football team, and Joe Paopao was listed as their Off. Coord. Consultant. Some other familiar ex-CFL players and coaches are working for this team apparently, including Daryl Edralin, R.D. Lancaster and Hank Ilesic.