Joe Paopao seriously injured

I spoke to some members of the team down in the locker room after the game, and they told me coach Joe was in tears, the pain was so strong.

Get well Joe!

I feel like a dick cuz I was laughing at him when he took the hit. When CBC showed him leaving the field with the Oline coach it looked like he was in tears, I feel soo bad for laughing. You might not know how to run an offence but get well Joe.

As much as we all may complain and bitch about the team and what should and shouldn't happen, I'm sure deep down we would never wish physical injury and pain and I think we all wish Joe well...

ya it was Wrong of Us to Laugh
I hope he is ok

I didn't see what happen as I had already shut the game off...can someone inform me?

I believe it was Brock Ralph who caught a pass and then turned towards the sideline and the Roughrider forced him out of bounds and they both crashed into the lower knee area of Joe Paopao forcing him to the ground Hard. He got up really slow & was in soo much pain, but he continued to coach. After the game was Over CBC showed Paopao walking off the field with the help of the O-Line coach and Paopao looked like he was in tears.

I was at the game on the side that pao pao was on and all the rider fans were very concerned for him. I hope he is okay, it looked like he got taken out very hard.

Man he was tough to hang in there,

Even tougher to endure the constant B'ing from posters on here ..


Cannibals!!!! :cowboy:

Aloha Joe, maybe you can wear one of those cool Hawian shirts when they fire you.

He allways looks like he,s crying, pout pout, . he should have known the play was coming his way,and gotten out of the way. didnt he call it? i wish him well if he,s hurt,nothing personal against the guy, But the TiCats fired the wrong coach, and now they really S... but agree with tcmcnasty-Aloha Joe, maybe you can wear one of those cool Hawian shirts when they fire you.
ps( imo the hawian shirt episode was a direct slap to his boss in ottawa who let him finish out the season , even tho the team was he gets to wreck Hamiltons team?

I hope he didn't get hurt but why are you people listening to McMahon? This guy is totally full of crap saying he knows this and that, but everything he says is pure BS.

In conclusion don't listen to McMahon.

Can we put Joe on the injured list and bring in another Offensive Coordinator?

(sorry, I haven't laughed since last night)

cripe!..cry me a river people,its his leg..its not a life and death situation!
he still has to go..injured or not!

i agree.....while wishing (praying actually) that joe would leave this team i would never hope to see him injured....get well soon joe....cfl legend...classy man....

Re-I spoke to some members of the team down in the locker room after the game, ------- is mcmahon a cheerleader? :?

------- is mcmahon a cheerleader
no, just a liar.

ya mostly everything he posts in BS, but even if he didnt talk to the players or not Joe Paopao looked in serious pain. the overhead shot from the CBC showed a paopao being helped off the field by Kani Kauahi he looked in alot of pain. Get well Joe.

If Mr. Paopao was indeed crying, it wasn't due to the pain, it was due to everything falling apart around him.

In reality, the man was tough enough to play professional football, and he's tough enough to take a joke. Moreover, anyone who's sensitive as to making light of the situation is making the serious and classless error in judgment that it is somehow maliciously intended.

To assume such mean-spiritedness is small-minded. Get over that, folks.


You speak and it shall be done

All hail formosan :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :lol:

the little nerfball :slight_smile:

Yeah, like every other Ticat fan that has to watch his s*&^ offence. Even the football gods are sick of him.