Joe Paopao leaving Waterloo for Lions :cowboy:

Waterloo didnt renew his contract ? what a bunch of classless jerks.

Not sure if that's the case. This article says he's "leaving" UoW. ... -1.1673579

This says he "stepped down". ... m-for-cfl/

Your sarcasm meter must be off.

Get it now ... Sorry ... Brain a little slow this afternoon!

8) With his record as HC at Waterloo for the past 2 years is it any wonder he is gone.
   As usual the old boy club continues with him returning to the CFL again, this time back with BC !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

The steroid Scandal really hurt Waterloos program. They missed a year and all there big guns transfered to other schools across Canada. When he took over as Head Coach he didnt have a lot to work with yet he stuck it out and made sure the program would survive :cowboy:

Feel bad for the Warrior program. Had a few buddies who played for Tuffy there back in the late 80's early '90's. Considered going there & playing for him myself actually. Now in my 40's, have some friends who's sons are up there playing. They'll be quite upset that Joe Paopao has left as that was the reason they decided to go/stay to UoW in the first place. By no way am I blaming Joe though ... it's been an arduous & difficult situation and he's done more than enough to try and keep it together. The program needs to build/establish a better relationship with the school admin & powers at be within the University before any success will come.

I don't believe there is a relationship problem with the team and the administration group. It all boils down to talent and recruitment. Then again it's hard to recruit anyone to a team that had a steriod scandal. While other teams get much better, Laurier and U of W have fallen on tough times. Perhaps new blood and a new philosophy will change the current situation.

I had read that there were issues ... which led to McPhee's departure.

McPhee, a fiery competitor with a temper to match, is thought to have left the school because of an impasse with UW’s senior administration on how the team can vie in an increasingly competitive Ontario University Athletics conference.

UW’s athletic director Bob Copeland confirmed McPhee’s choice followed lengthy discussions with senior management.

“His decision was definitely tied into the department’s and team’s year-end review. Whenever you conduct a review, it is a time for reflection and Dennis had the opportunity (to do that).

“He’s made his decision because it’s the best course of action for himself and his family and the program.?

[url=] ... e-resigns/[/url]

I agree with you ... recruiting players to a team coming off a scandal ... starting from scratch ... trying to rebuild itself ... is a tough proposition. I know my friends (and their kids) decided upon Waterloo because they'd get a chance to play right away as freshmen & because of McPhee & Paopao coaching. But getting whooped week in and week out has definitely dampened they're feelings as far as making that decision. And I mean not just getting beat on the scoreboard ... but getting physically beat up on the field ... not much fun that's for sure. And it's hard to recruit others to join your cause under those circumstances.