Joe Paopao future WInnipeg Coach???

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The preliminaries are nearly complete in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers search for a new head coach.

The CFL team conducted at least one interview yesterday and though no one would confirm it, they likely talked with Toronto Argonauts offensive co-ordinator Kent Austin.

Joe Paopao, Greg Marshall (both formerly of Ottawa) and Richie Hall (Saskatchewan) have been interviewed. Calgary co-ordinators Steve Buratto and Denny Creehan and Montreal’s offensive co-ordinator Doug Berry are still on the team’s radar.

Bomber general manager Brendan Taman says there are a few more candidates to grill and he hopes to complete the first round of interviews by the end of the week.

After that the list will be shortened to two or three names with a final decision coming in a few weeks … hopefully.

“We’ll push it to mid-February if we have to – to find the right guy,” Taman said, only partially joking. “But mid-December is what we’re shooting for, that’d be ideal for everybody.”

I would take Marshall.He would take no crap.
Joe is way to soft.Joe would make a good G.M.
D.G. are you related to Kanga?How many post do you post a day?

im home sick, and there seems to be alot of CFL news u want me to say sorry for sharing GOOD news?...

whens the last time u posted relevent news????... youve got this anti-sask. chip on your shoulder and it comes though in EVERY post u make....why dont u can the act ( or atleast give it a rest ) and post something relevent for a change?

I wish they'd get on the ball and hire someone. I know the Cats interviewed Paopao about becoming their offensive co-ordinator, but he's reluctant to take the job as long as there's a head coaching position open. I also heard Hamilton contacted Austin, though if I were to pick between the two, I'd pick Joe.

D.G. anyone can cut and paste news lines.
That is all you really have done.
As for me posting something.Yes I have.I also didn't bash the riders on them either.
Just keep on cut and pasting.It is interesting.
However this site is not the same with a mellow Saskargo.It is like watching a Nfl game.You just wait for something exciting to happen.
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yes, anyone can cut and paste news, but im the only one lookin to FIND that news and put it all here for everyone else, so they dont have to look at 10 different sites.

Good for you D.G.
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No D.G. your post are not exciting.However I was talking about the posters on the forum.Well maybe not Big Dave.He usually has something interesting to say!!!!

I think its great that some posters will paste local newspapers’ articles on this website, because can’t legally do it anymore.

And to stick with the news, I hope Doug Berry won’t leave Montreal. If I was the Bombers, I’d go with Marshall.

Not Paopao....anyone but him. He hasn't ever had a winning season as coach...why would Winnipeg want another Dailey? Too soft, losing record....not promising for ticket sales either. Get a proven winner...while they're at it...get a GOOD QB!! None of this....."He just needs to develop" crapola. We need a proven coach and a proven QB...Winnipeg is becoming the farm team of the CFL.

RD Lancaster is available.

Do not judge Papao with the Ottawa teams performance it is really unfair. When he started there his teams jumped out real quick winning then died. Reason front office problems.
This year the circus of the Glibs showed up in town many players lost do to FA and yet again the Gades started strong and then died out again front office problems.
If you have never seen what front office problems do to a team look at the Stampeders durning the F Troop years. Need I say more.
Joe is a very good coach you can tell when his players played that last game.

The posters say Marshall, eh? Ok, I'll go with that, but I think knowing Taman, he'll pick Poopoo (aka Paopao).

. as far as the new head-coach in Wpg goes...........Kent Austin is a name that everyone should take note of....that's all I'm sayin.... we should hear before xmas who the MAN is.... :?: :?: :?:

umm if Winnipeg were to choose paopao will kent austin become our OC? or will he head off to hamilton for the HC

I'd say Paopao or Marshall. It's a shame that Ottawa let them go and I really do blame ownership. Also you cannont underestime the vaule of a coach that the players are willing to play for instead of one they hate.

I wouldn't mind the Eskimos trying to get Paopao as their O-Coordinator, and Greg Marshall back at D Co-ordinator

........I could understand the desire for an OC change, but what the heck was wrong with your DC this year?........

The Bombers should have cut Tamon loose and hired Ritchie..
He's a better coach than Marshall and Paopao...better than all who seek the job.
The upside is he can do both jobs, and the cash could be spent on talent.
He is very good at field managment and he is refreshed and poised for glory in 06.

whats wrong with paopao? Hes the only coach out there who has expireance as HC.

Well he seems to be not very good at doing his job, and that's winning Football games.
Nice guy May be..but the bottom line is sucess...
Starts out well, then other teams figure there offense, and rub's there noses in the turf.