Joe Paopao as OC?

Fire Marcel immediately. It is time for us Rider fans to learn a thing from Esks fans and demand what is best for this team. Marcel must be fired there is no question.

Joe being fired came at the perfect time for us, he would fit this team perfectly because he is a team player and team spirit kind of coach who is friendly and creative, the exact opposite of Marcel. In my opinion Paopao would be able to do a lot of good here in Sask with the talent we have that is being wasted by Marcel and his one track offence. Bring Korey Banks along too with you Joe. :wink:

We don't need another damn player coach. We need a hard assed, in your face, get things done or sit on the bench type coach. Get some damn fire in the bellies of the players.

Well we can agree he'd be better than Marcel.

I dont know who calls the plays for Ottawa but I like there style...there only problem is the personel they used to execute..
Joesph behind a top notch O Line might be the cure..I would certainly entertain the idea of him coming to Riderland....the guys got loads of talent.. I think he is just surrounded by a subpar offense..
Oh and did I mention he is black? LOL Shivers gotta love that :slight_smile:

I can't believe I'm actually in agreement with unreal for once. Poapoa was a good offensive co-ordinator in his day's before becoming a head coach .That's why he got a job as a head coach in the first place. Put him in that postition and he'll have a renewed career just like Dave Ritchie . Ritchies' loving it and I bet Joe would too. I'd even be happy to see him get the O-C job for the Lions next year .

Is J Chapedelane leaving!

Being an Ottawa fan, I can tell you Joe Paopao probably wouldn’t be that bad an OC, but he is way to nice to the players, and he can’t seem to fire them up. Most of the time, he just stands on the sidelines, barely doing anything. (btw, in Ottawa, he doesn’t call all the plays, I think him, and Kahuahi split the duties, which is weird!) But if you guys think you need him, by all means take him :slight_smile:

Second of all, best of luck in the playoffs, I hope you beat them cocky Alouettes!

We can only hope , I think he’s the Lions weak link . Wanna trade him back for Buratto?

Lol… the Lions run more offensive looks than any team in the CFL… your weak Link is your O-line from stopping other teams from crushing your QB’s :slight_smile:

Seriously, Joe is very innovative. He has just had nothing much to work with in Ottawa.

Shivers: GM
Barrett: HC
Hall: DC
Paopao: OC
Marcel: Waterboy

Looks great to me.

If the Bombers can Dailey I think he would make a great Defensive coach..enough of Hall already and his passive schemes..wasnt Dailey the D coach in 89?

I agree totally, we need someone that scares the jeebers outta evreyone. For instance, if Karsten B. eases up on his pattern just as Crandell releases the ball…the Off. Coord should march on to the field and kick his a$$ through the uprights. Or, when a receiver catches one in the ear hole and then stands there looking like someone stole his breakfast bowl, the OC needs to roofnail his a$$ to the bench.


With Dominguez poised to come back I think Bailey is finnished…but in some twisted way I can see them playing him over Richardson :frowning:

Joe Paopao as our O-coordinator sounds great to me. Its time that Marcel's ass gets fired. He has no creativity at all, and is easily the most predictiable OC in the league. Paopao has exerpience as an OC and as a HC, and I believe he also is good friends with Danny.You cannot go wrong here, so they better smarten up and get'r done!

Hall is genius! Do you want to ruin the only good part of our team, the defense?!

Hall has experienced DB's that save his Butt from his passive defensive schemes, How many times do you want to be let down again after second & long or the defense collapses near the end of most point is when you have to be aggressive ...he resorts to being conservative... lets take some chances out there..

Well I was harping alot about the Riders passive schemes..and looky looky what happens... second and 21 they bring the house..guess what? back to back sacks.. Not once did they revert to 3 down linemen...We have the exp and the talent to cover one on one so why not bring the other thing I saw was the Fake blitzes..expecially when they showed safety blitz and backed off....WTG Hall... utilize the skill you have on defense..maybe just maybe Ill get back on your band wagon...:slight_smile:

Wasn't that nice to see us not give up a game winning drive in the final minute of the game yet again?

You're right, if Hall keeps that up, I'd probably stop calling for his head too.... not that they care what I think, but it'll save all you guys from having to read it anyways. :slight_smile:

i agree with unreal on this topic our d is awsome that is not our sure joe would run it to the outside on occasion with our running sure he could get real creative with our offence

daley is yours. he was canned yesterday.