Joe Paopao as good as GONE!

not only will a loss to the ALS, on saturday, kill all the renegades playoff hopes, but will ensure paopao doesnt get his 8 wins.

heres an article from the ottawa citizen:

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The Ottawa Renegades head coach next season will be one of two men: John Jenkins or Joe Paopao.

The Citizen has learned that the Renegades have recently given Mr. Jenkins, the club's director of U.S. scouting, contractual guarantees that he will be on the sidelines in 2006 should Mr. Paopao be dismissed as coach and general manager, which most observers expect.

It is believed that Mr. Jenkins' aspirations to coach next season led to the clause, which was added some time after he signed a one-year contract in July. If not hired as head coach, Mr. Jenkins will be free to leave his personnel role with the Renegades.

Around the CFL, word is spreading that Mr. Jenkins is recruiting assistant coaches and a support staff. Reached yesterday in Arkansas, Mr. Jenkins strongly denied those claims, calling them "lies."

According to one story, Mr. Jenkins approached a Toronto Argonauts equipment employee last month and offered him a job in Ottawa. Mr. Jenkins admits a conversation took place, but said it was innocent. "It was a conversation in passing," he said. "It was 'How you doing?' and that's about it."

Mr. Jenkins admitted, however, that he wants to return to coaching and expects to have opportunities after the current football seasons on both sides of the border conclude.

"I would certainly entertain that. I am a coach," said Mr. Jenkins. "I've been coaching for 30 years. I really do enjoy what I'm doing right now, but I do consider myself a coach."

Meanwhile, while much mystery has surrounded Mr. Paopao's contract, the Citizen has learned that he does not require eight wins to trigger an extension for 2006.

The contract refers to "no more than 10 losses," meaning the Renegades would have to win or tie their two remaining regular-season games to secure Mr. Paopao's salary for next year.

With 18 games in the regular season, the wording may seem like hair-splitting, but it answers a pertinent question that has surrounded the club all season.

Any coaching change would have meant paying Mr. Paopao for 2006, and only after the club's 11th loss could he be let go without any compensatory obligations.

Renegades president Lonie Glieberman continues not to comment on the team's coaching future.

Since taking over the team just days into training camp, majority owner Bernie Glieberman has entrusted his son and executive vice-president of operations Forrest Gregg with all football decisions, including the hiring of Mr. Jenkins.

But when the Renegades improved to 5-3 in mid-August, there was some desire from ownership to extend Mr. Paopao's contract.

Whether that was driven by the elder Mr. Glieberman, minority owner Bill Smith, or both parties is unclear.

The Renegades proceeded to lose seven of their next eight games and are now on the brink of postseason elimination.

They must win two games and hope the Saskatchewan Roughriders lose next weekend to earn an inaugural playoff berth.

Asked about his future over the course of the season, Mr. Paopao has consistently said that it is out of his control and that his only option was to work hard and hope the team had success.

Mr. Jenkins, who has been as assistant coach with five CFL teams, is considered an eccentric in football circles.

A disciple of the run-and-shoot passing offences, he is best known for his stint at the University of Houston Cougars in the late 1980s as offensive co-ordinator and later head coach.

The Cougars set passing and scoring records, including a 95-21 pummelling of the Gregg-coached Southern Methodist University Mustangs.

After brief popularity in the NFL and major U.S. college ranks, the run-and-shoot has faded away with few exceptions.

Mr. Jenkins employed the scheme in Calgary last season as offensive co-ordinator, but was fired after six games.

Mr. Jenkins said yesterday that he took the fall for then head coach Matt Dunigan and president Ron Rooke, hoping his departure could save their jobs.

i can't say i disagree with the decision to fire Paopao. how do u go 5-3, then lose 7 of 8?????

I don't disagree with getting rid of Paopao either; however, I think that the alleged "win nine or you're fired" scenario from the beginning of the season showed a complete lack of class. Something does need to be done in Ottawa, though. They've got decent talent, and they should have had a better year than they did.

had the renegades beaten winnipeg JUST ONCE....they'd be 7-9 ,
had they beaten the ti-cats last week as they SHOULD HAVE, they'd be 8-8

they blew it and paopao has to GO

Agreed. I think he'd make a pretty decent OC.....there should (better!) be a vacancy in Saskatchewan this off-season.....I'd give him a shot here.....

I can't believe they are thinking of replacing Joe Poapoa with John Jenkins. When are these bozos going to hire someone with an established no nonsense winning background, like say, Bob O'billivich, or Dave Ritchie, or Kent Austin, or...... John Jenkins ? Jesus Christ !!!! The citizen reports that this guy is "eccentric" and likes the Run and Shoot offence !!! Great !!!! A nut case who wants to use an offence that doesn't work. The last time Ottawa used the Run n' Shoot, it destroyed J.C. Watts and started the real downfall of the Ottawa Rough Riders. Believeme, I was there. TO FORREST GUMP AND JOHN JENKINS :IT DOESN'T WORK. LOSERS. The Rough Riders had no consistency when they used it and it destroyed them. We are in 2005, not 1985. Jenkins was FIRED FROM THE STAMPS BECAUSE THEY WERE AWFUL. So what does Lonie et al want to do ? Bring in someone who has never been a head coach in the CFL, who wants to bring in a useless offensive strategy. Way to frigging go. Here we go again.

That is something in Ottawa's water, methinks. :shock:

but I really hope that they throw Poopoo or whatever his name is out, he's had his chaces at greatness for the team, now it"s time to let him go and say tearful goodbyes and give this guy Jenkins a go. He seems to have an impressive resume and he'll be good for the gades I'm sure, not great, but good and that is what they need right now to get the fans back into Frank Clair.

Why don't they sell tickets for $2 each, maybe that will help

ORR I agree with you. I think Jenkins has proven that time has passed him bye. His offensive scheme is with the dinosaurs. I would rather see Eric Tillman back as GM and ET on several occasions has mentioned how he is still in contact on a regular basis and gets along famouslywith the Gleibs. Of course, there is no dipute ET and Paopao have a rift and have not spoken since he was dismissed. Tillman track record as a recruiter and having contacts is top notch. Meanwhile, Forest Gump and Paopao have got to go.

How could anyone name Jenkins coach of the most run-oriented team of the league? :shock:

jm02, I have to disagree with you for the second time today (and perhaps the second time overall?)

I think it is okay to set straight goals for a coach. When your team has a 31 %victory ratio since it appeared in the league, something must be done. In my book, Paopao was lucky to be given one last shot this year. “No more than 10 losses” mean you don’t even ask him to play for .500.

So, of course, he deserves to be fired. I think it would not be fair to set such a goal to a new coach. But one who failed lamentably three years in a row should be given an ultimatum. This was it, and it wasn’t a question of class.

Fair enough, 3/10 - and yes, we don't disagree often! However, what if it came down to a situation of injuries? Would Paopao still be subject to the sub-.500 rule? There are certain circumstances which are beyond the control of a coach. Giving the blanket statement that he must play to .500 is unfair - unless there were exceptions involved of which I am not aware.

Well, in the case the team had been plagued with injuries, or a massive earthquake had destroy half of Ottawa and sent the players into depression, I think the owners could have state a case of exception after the season, saying they understand the goal wasn't achievable due to circumstances.

But stating exceptions up from the beginning sends the message that there are possibilities you won't hold true to your ultimatum.

I say show a tough self first, and soften later if needed. Not trhe other way around.

Point taken. Game and set to 3/10 - to win the match, you need to answer a couple more questions: How does it look to media/fans/whomever if you give an ultimatum and then back down later on? An ultimatum should be an ultimatum should it not?

You’ve managed to sway my opinion – I just want your take on these…

Paopao is a terrible coach. Got to watch a game last week and see his questionable play calling. The quarterback situation is a joke. You need a mobile player that can throw. Not a receiver at quarterback that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Paul Peterson there best quarterback was let go, for Darnell Kennedy. Give me a break by by Paopao i wouldn't hire you for a pop warner job nevermnind CFL.

ps I live in the US and my Al's are on TV tomorrow at 3:00. The spread is 6.5 and I'am throwing 1,000 on the Al's.

A $1000.00 on the Als? Have you seen the kind of defence the Als are going to field tomorrow?

We'd gladly take him here in Sask as the OC next year.

...Im glad you guys in Sask. want to put Paopao on the payroll ...we already had him in the Peg. in that position...and weren't too sad at his mo Joe is the chant from this cornor....good luck with him...his abilities are a little thin as coach or oc....too bad because he is a nice enough guy...maybe too nice....

That's the rumor floating around, if DB can get the Riders past the 1st round of the playoffs and keep his job. He'll likely bring in his buddy Joe as OC, right now I think Sask fans would take anyone at that position. Personally I'd like to see a guy like Dunigan, but dunno if him and Db made peace since last year :smiley: I'd even take MD as a head coach, but only that.

I'am counting my cash right now. Never doubt the Als. This was my sure bet of the week. Man i love that Rens o-line. Thanks to your lack of effort i have an extra grand in my pocket. Which in Canadien terms is 1,170, or something like that.

Cut Joe Paopao some slack. Look at the situation in Ottawa these past two years. How could he be successful. He is a good coach who deserves better.

The Glosermans and Forrest Gregg and the worst plagues on the CFL imaginable and they will get what they deserve when Joe is gone. Jenkins as coach there is a huge joke that is just what they deserve.