Joe Paopao and Terry Baker ......Class of 2006

Nice to see Terry and Joe bestowed with Hall of Fame honours this month (Terry from his home in Nova Scotia and Joe from his Alma Mater in California)

Both are well deserving and have contributed greatly to the CFL in my opinion.....

Terry Baker:

Joe Paopao: (2 articles)

Paopao did his part to set this franshise back at the very least a full season. As much as he has done in the CFL, I don't think you will find very much support for this post.

how good has hamilton been since joe left. Anti Paopao posters are idiots.

Well he might have been decent when he coached with the Lions but he wasnt part of the solution here. As for your idiot comment Ive seen some of your posts, I dont think you should be one to talk. doubt Joe had some challenging years as a coach but overall he has been a great asset to the CFL family and has given us some awesome thrills as a's nice to see he is so well thought of in California and I hope most if us wish him well in the future.....

....don't fight :thdn: :lol: