Anyone here any news? the BC provience and the Lions home page are not saying anything! I know its by-week but is no news good news? If you here something please post it here! Thanks

Joe Smith should be traded. He will have good value.

Who wants him? I am sure a lot of teams would like to have him but I don't know if anybody needs him.

He is an established starter so it would be hard to sign him without demoting a starting RB somewhere else in the league.

Edmonton and Toronto would seem to be the only two teams that could use a starting running back.

You don't usually trade within division, so that would make Toronto seem the most likely trade partner, but let's face it, what would the Lions want off the Argos' roster??

On the other hand, getting a body, even if it's just a backup depth guy, is preferable to just releasing Smith and getting nothing in return.

Argos have a few young receivers if I am not mistaken. BC's coaches seem to be REAL good at preparing young receivers and QBs.

this kid is overrated, running backs are a dime a dozen, you can always find them, the running game is all about schemes and zones. look at the denver broncos with their zone blocking, you can always find good RBs as long as you got a good scheme. plus this guy is weird he is more worried about sushi and gardening than he is about football.

been pondering this whole Smith thing with friends and pro dudes in my line of work! any attention seems to make him glow! but I think its old worn and dirty like an episode of trailer park boys! You don't pat attention 2 football you say... well the guy who's takin your job from you seems 2 be all about football and motivating the team! you make it real hard to choose you over him? maybe shopping and gardenning are more your speed! In BC we expect our Lions 2 live every breath 4 a cup! part time effort when you feel like it................... go joe! a grey cup wil not show!

Sounds like Wally has some NFL talent in mind! and Joe may get more time for going to the mall or gardening very soon!