Joe Montford

I suggested in another thread that Joe might be a good pick-up now! He wouldn’t cost much and I think his very presence would help fire up the “D”!

Besides…he has something to prove and he would, I’m sure, love to be back here! I think he could help and I think it would be fitting to have him retire a Ticat if that is what he wants! There is no shortage of people who would welcome him back!

Do it NOW Mr. Katz! Please!

Labour Day would be perfect for his return! :rockin: :rockin:

i'd love to see Joe back. let him retire where he belongs.

I really don’t think the answers are in bringing back older players. He wouldnt get to play over Cotton/Cheatwood, and I really don’t think he would fire up that many defensive players. Most of our defensive players never played with Joe in his prime, so he really won’t fire them up at all.

they could move Joe to DT because now Belli is gone. just a thought.

Could it hurt???

would it really hurt us now though, he could only help

Yes. It delays the future. If the team feels they need an upgrade at Defensive end, then go with an NFL cut. or Collier. We have to move forward.

The last thing this team needs is old players.

We need youth that will allow for growth and continuity. We don’t need the likes of Joe.

We've got 7 games left! 4 at Home! Montford could come in and make a BIG Difference Now! He could also help the guys coming up!

For what it would cost...All I see is Dividends! :thup: :thup:'re killing me buddy.....not for the content of your thread but the fact I'm still trying to get through yesterday's topics......did I hear a rumour Coach's K & P were fired?.....I may get to those threads by 9 pm.....and now Belli......and you start a thread about Montford!.... :lol:

Everyone!...stop typing till I catch up !

(or at least just put pictures in)..I'll figure it out :wink: :lol:

But it could go the other way. He could come in and halt any progress the guys coming up have by taking away playing time and practice reps.

LMAO...I like to read all posts since last visit, before I post to anything!

I'm lucky it's a slow day at work or I'd never be able to keep up! Besides I'm busy chatting over on a couple other boards at the same time!

The Esks thought he had something left. He didn't. This team is finally starting to show signs of looking ahead to the future and Joe is part of the past. If the team wants him to retire a Cat, sign him to a 1 day contract and let him retire with a Cat on his chest.

An Argo fan

:lol: :lol:

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you just don't want to have to face him on Labour Day!

Let me tell you something about "the likes of" Joe Montford!

A guy of his calibre and intensity who has been shut out of the league like this...if given the chance will really show up his detractors! He is motivated! That is a dangerous combination! :rockin: :rockin:

This should be a Must Sign for the Ticats! :thup:

Big Difference? Where? They already sell a ton of tickets, so there isn't a difference at the gate.

Even if he wasn't a wonky knee'd 36 year old, if he had 2 sacks a game it isn't going to make a difference to an offence that can't score a touchdown.

Plus, even if we had the 1999 version of Mr. Montford, if he helps the team win a couple of extra games, what is the point? We would still be 4 - 14.

No offense, but his time in the league is done.

Out of all the positions to fill in the CFL, I would have to think finding an import defensive end to rush the passer is the easiest. And it would be a mistake to retard the development of a young player so we can pay an arthritic, twice cut player, just to be sentimental.


Very well said PW!

Thanks, I try to be as eloquent as possible while my head almost explodes from reading some of the things on this forum. :wink:

No no no no

Over the Hill.. Washed up too Old...

Look what happened In Edmonton..
He could not even Catch Anyone from Comming around the End..

The old Joe would have made the Tackle..

1 day Contract to retire is all he is worth...