Joe Montford

any chance he comes back to black and gold and suits up in his familiar #53, big joe was a lights out DE and he still has some gas in the tank.

doubtful, asking for to much money, and his age is a factor.


if i were to bring back montford i would leave him and cotton at DE, and move cheatwood to weak or strong side LB with augie in the middle and brooks or cox along the ousides with Tim, that would be deadly. but then there that chance he will end up in the Sask,
but ask for him coming back to hamilton, id see it happening if he only reduced what hes asking for a paycheck!

i could see joe coming back, he could be utilized as a DE, and a DT in some situations, also he's familiar with the system and city, so it makes sense to bring him in. Its amazing that he had such a long career as a 220 pound linebacker.

hes familiar with the city yes.. system no. now that we have neww choaches n schems.. hes be learning from scratch.

Joe has always played at his best when he's been given more freedom. He was always a beast and a tough assignment to handle, but he's also an intelligent player.

His longevity is due to the fact he keeps himself in excellent shape, plays smart, and has also been lucky to avoid major injuries. Being a fan favourite doesn't hurt either.

Yes bring him back for say <100,000K After camps break some team will pick him up at a reduced cost for sure #53 is not done yet anyone want to bet me on that one?

I think Montford is now in the same position as Khari Jones last season. Edmonton cut him in time to join another team for training camp, and that didn't happen. He may only get a call if a starter is injured; that could be next week, next month, or never.

I don't think there isn't a ticat fan that wouldn't want Joe anywhere else but here however being realistic I don't see it happening.

I'll be the fist cat fan to respond saying I could care less if he played here again. Our D Line is younger and just fine with out him.

I'd love to see Joe back here. I dont care if hes a back up or a starter. Joe should at least retire here. We owe him that much if he wants it for the right price

Joe sadly made his decisions to play for money, and thus the defection to Toronto.

Where the Argo defence could not accomodate his requirement for the entire "D" to be structured around him, he bounced back here, and got traded to Edmonton, mostly due to his salary demands.

Edmonton probably finds the same issues, that they cannot structure the D around an aging veteran who is high mileage/high cost, and so releases im.

What a pity to lose such a great guy, but he has done it to himself...for an "extra" $5-20K a year you move (and probably lose at leat that in so doing!) and then reduce your career span, that you are left to learn how to sell shoes or something at 37 years of age...

Cotton and Cheatwood are at least as good in the position, and their loyalty is unquestioned; they are here through the rough and into the smooth, it would be totally unfair to them to sign Joe and cut their playing time and career stats...

I really like Joe Montford and enjoyed him with the club, but this is something he did himself...have no doubts he will catch on with another CFL team, and be a bit of a nightmare for us all, but so sorry, its just not possible to kiss and make up after the commitment that Cotton and Cheatwood have made at the DE positions...

Joe is done.

Great guy, and was a great player.

Cotton had slightly better numbers, is 8 years younger and comes cheaper, so no, I wouldn't want Joe back.

All good things come to an end.

There's nothing sad about Joe's career and him wanting maximum money whether it was in T.O. or Edmonton. He deserved everything he earned.

Good luck to Joe.

gotta agree with you on this, i feel the same, way unless there is an injury to a de on any team, he will get picked up, nobody inthis league needs a good De right now as far as im concerned

i've got to get this out now....

did anyone else kinda feel the same sort of "OMG joe isn't a ticat anymore... what kind of crazy world is this?" when he defected to TO for $$??

i know i did.... i swear i was in denial for weeks... it just didnt' seem right.

sure it'd happened before... but not to Joe Ticat... mr montford...

little bit of innocence died in all of us that day...


If any CFL D.E can keep R.W from getting outside , its Joe Montford.

uh huh, maybe three or four years ago when he still had the speed to recover from running past the running back after not seeing the handoff.....

agreed, belli alone will eat ricky williams up, then give him a nice big Wet one just to welcome him to the CFL! ITS CANDIAN RULES BABY!!! WHOA@!@ HA!@!

i think joe deserves another shot some where,he deserves to leave the game in a better way than being cut.

According to the Spectator today
Joe has once again shown his true colours by turning down an offer that was too low-priced for his liking. When will this guy realize that he's not the prima donna that he once was? Joe - you are no longer the best DE in the league. Get over it. If you want to play football, swallow your pride and take the pay cut. Otherwise you WILL be unemployed.