Joe Montford

Joe Montford was probably our best defensive player of the last two decades. I for one do not like the terms he went out on, being traded to Edmonton, released and then dissapearing. This guy was a corner stone to our defense, and we all know he is a career Tiger-Cat. He needs to be honoured somehow, whether it be signing a one day contract, a ceremony or what have you. He is one of the greatest defensive ends in CFL history, one of the most renowned Tiger-Cats in the last two decades and in my opinion a shoe in for the hall of fame.

He will be a HOFer and will go up on the wall of honour I believe. Anything else would be a travesty.

Too late to have a tribute night. That window of opportunity closed a long time ago.

in my opinion montford was the most dominant defensive player i've seen (besides maybe zambiasi)since i started going to games in 1980.


I agree Joe should be honoured. He is my all time fav player too.

covington, walker were two of my favs but yes i believe even more dominant than big mike or grover joe was in his prime.
might i add philbrick, sauve skillman,cummins, cofield,lorenz were just a few of some great dlinemen we've hear in the last 20 years.(barrow,mosca....)etc

Don’t forget Cheatwood.

I too put Joe M at the top for defensive players.
I would also include Less Browne in that conversation.

Don't forget Dave Viti and Pete Neumann.