Joe Montford

Although I am still concerned about the O line and our ability to dominate the line of scrimmage, there is no question that Joe Montford is the real deal and gives us a much needed pass rush threat. I think the return of Bruce Beaton makes this a great deal. I would like to see us acquire more help yet on the offensive line, but I think this is a huge deal for the defensive side of the ball. Any thoughts Eskimo fans?

great deal MONTFORD is an all all star well Dan Comiskey has been good for us and is a sold player but not the calibre of MONTFORD (I guess its hard to judge them being on deferent sides of the ball ) but it does leave us with a hole on offence but I believe that will be filed buy one of the Al's O line men

One of the Als' O-lineman? As far as I know, we've got everyone under contract -- Chiu, Flory, Okeke, Fritz and Lambert. And Haji-Rasouli already went to BC. So I'm not sure who you're talking about.

In any case, Edmonton did a very very classy thing here: letting Comiskey go because of family reasons. Hats off to Macioca for doing the right thing. Yes, they profited from it by getting Montford but Comiskey will be difficult to replace.

And as much as Montford may be on the downside of his career, he's still a helluva player. Edmonton's pass rush just got a whole lot better. I can't imagine any West division quarterback is happy to see big Joe in an Esks uniform. :slight_smile:

I agree hats of to the Eskimos!

Everybody now! HaHa

Ok. Joe Montford is an all-star player and no one denies that. Of course, I admit Macioca has made a pretty good move in obtaining a guy who can change a lot of things on the field. However, people baffle me when they consider the Esks as the best team in the West because of that acquisition. Remember that Montford did absolutely nothing when playing for the Argos ; and he was supposed to be THE man who would carry the team to glory…well that glory was reached last season and Montford wasn’t in Skydome anymore. Always keep in mind that a good team doesn’t hinge on a single player. Esks got Montford. So what?

Master_Max, Als fan, [MAATBTOT]

always keep in mind, we have more than montford, and if anything, he will be ana addition to already solid defense consisting of Mobley, Gass, Wiltshire, Sanchez, Jeanty, Frank, Garret, Lamar, and so on. he is by far not the key figure of the esks.

That's exactly what I meant.

sounded like you were sayin something different.

Guess the same comment could be made. Al's got Vaugn. So what?

After Yesterdays game..getting Mountford was a great deal for you guys. Don't know if TV showd much but he was in the Lions backfield all night. None of the blockers seemed capable of stopping him. Don't beleive the low sack total, Mountford was more of a presence than the TV may have shown.

It's always interesting to look back at old threads from May and June, isn't it?

Montford had a great season - glad he was an Eskimo.