Joe Montford sighting

I saw Joe today at Eastgate square out here in Stoney Creek. He still looks hes got gas left in the tank. I talked to him a bit and he said hes disappointed about being released but would like an opportunity to play again anywhere (especially in Hamilton he added). Class act all the way.

How could you tell? Was he running full speed through shoppers to sack sales clerks? Or were you in the parking lot checking out his car? :wink:

Joe is good Guy But his Tank is Empty
if Want to sign a 1 game Contract to Retire a Ticat Fine..

Other Wise he not worth the Roster Spot.

He looked awful the past 2 weeks, Buck Pierce outran him to the corner then turned it on and left Joe jogging down the sidelines.

No way, after watching him the past couple of weeks, hes done.

Just as Onknight said, 1-DAY contract. Let him retire a cat, just make sure we don't have to play him, he's not needed on any team anymore.

I didn't realize that so many people on this forum are experts on athletes and specifically when they have "no gas in the tank". :roll:

He is the same age as some of OUR aging stars (and in better shape in some cases!) and we are not calling for them to be put out to pasture.

It's a sad day when people treat a CFL great with such disrespect.

we aren't disrespecting him, he's just not the same Joe Montford he used to be. He WAS a great, now he's not even average. It's time to call it quits.

Well, the experts of the league seem to be in agreement with the experts of this forum.

This isn't about disrespect. It's about capability. Joe has had a great career, but...

Did he eat baked beans yesterday? :twisted:

Not disrespecting him? There are a few people I know on this site who look MUCH different than they did 5 years ago. It doesn't mean I tell them to quit their jobs because I don't think they have "it" anymore. :roll:


Are they professional athletes? Do they have to be as fit as possible? Joe, was an extrodinary player, incredible to watch, but in a professional sport, when you slow down and are no longer in great shape it's time to try something new. If a team picks them up, then good for Joe, but I don't think (along with quite a few other people) he has anything left. He needs to explore other options, possibly coaching. He just can't preform the way he used to, and with such a significant drop in preformance, he should really think about retiring a Ticat, and trying something new.

Yes but where Not looking for Job Playing Pro Ball

Mark, I'm not sure you should tell anybody that. I think that's more of a personal issue, it was way too much information for me dude. :lol: :smiley:

Labour day would be nice!!!!!
Classic GAme for a classy guy IMO

You'd have to drop an import to put Montford on the team even for a day. I remember when Brian Kelly of the Esks needed just 1 more reception to break some record but he'd retired the year before. There was talk of bringing him back just for 1 catch but it never amounted to anything because of the reason above.

Give Joe a 1/2 time ceremony/celebration.

An Argo fan

I'm actually in better shape... do i get a raise?

roster numbers aside.....i would sign a montford before i would keep a boreham on the roster taking up space....give montford a shot and put boreham out of his misery!!

Too bad Boreham is kicking saturday eh? Too bad Boreham is a Non-Import too.

Very true if he had a full camp under his belt I am sure he could play this season at a high level. Anyway if he says he is retiring then he should be brought back for a one game contract and let this player retire a cat.