Joe Montford for Defensive Coordinator!!

I think what the Tiger-Cats lack on our defense in a true passion to want to win, to grab the interception, or strip the ball out of the hands of the running back or receiver or do what it takes to get the sack on the QB. All this starts with great motivation and having someone who can not only teach but pass along their own experience from playing in the trenches and winning games and championships is Huge to younger players and I think Joe Montford would make a great D Coach, because he has a passion for this team. Same as Otis Floyd he could be our Linebakers coach, Floyd was always very vocal and pumped up when he played.

I have seen both these players come back to Hamilton in the past at games to help cheer on the team but I think they both could have a bigger role with this team and provide a PASSION TO WIN which is something that is desperately needed right now!!

Great players done necessarily make great coaches... Wayne Gretzky for example...

8) We could also bring back John Barrow to be the D Line Coach, Zambiazi to be LB Coach, Garney Henley as DB Coach,
   and heck we could even bring back Orlondo Steinauer to be our....Ohhh wait !!     <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Never mind the coaching BS......Tell him to suit up and get out there!!!!! :wink:

Hey, it sounds crazy I know, but where have all the coaching changes gotten us. Let's keep the ones we have now. Maybe they can grow into mediocrity. I'd settle.....