Joe Montford, Class Act

While the game was a downer, I saw something really great from Joe Montford, one of the guys honored at 1/2 time. During the 2nd half, Montford climbed into the stands (Section K) and had long chats with the fans who are in wheelchairs moving from one person to the next. He signed autographs on everything placed in front of him and then as he was leaving he shared a few laughs with fans in Section J.

Truly a class act.

An Argo-Cat fan

I’ve always missed Big Joe

WE need him now.

yeah, i guess the people of hamilton,for the time joe did spend here, were spoiled by not just another athlete and his tireless efforts at every community event he committed to. i just hope they give him his due sooner rather than later because if there’s one place he does belong its on the wall beside angelo.

city legend

Joe was 1 in Million when comes to players
Unselfish and Hard Noised…
Who gives his heart and soul to us.
He is one of my Ticat Heroes…

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Joe is one of my all-time favs. I was hoping he would suit up last night and show the twits on the D-Line how to pressure the QB since none of them knows how to do it.

Went to the Jarvis St. store for Troy and Joe's autograph signing session on Sunday. After chatting with them a bit, I made a comment about them suiting up for the Monday game.... Both laughed.... but Joe had a glint in his eye! Gawd... if it were only possible!

Joe is definatly my all time fav ticat...

On a side note, one of my buddies asked him to suit up, and same thing as posted above, Joe had a serious look in his eye and said "I wish". I wish too. We never had a pass rush since the big guy.