Joe McKnight

Murdered in New Orleans. Horrible news. Looked like he might have finally got his career going late last year with the Riders.

ya. damn! what the hell!?!

that really sucks, some evil people!

and he was going to be a star... :frowning:

So many shootings in the US. So tragic about McKnight.

RIP, Condolences, They are saying a road rage incident.
I watched that Rider/Argo game McKnight was very talented, Got 150 yards in that game, so sad.

Very sad and senseless shooting. Witness say there was a road rage incident and he was apologizing when he was shot twice. RIP Joe Mcknight.

His future was so bright .... he was an explosive runner who had a good career ahead of him. Sad news indeed and my thoughts and prayers to his family and friends at this time

Awful news. Another one gone too soon and for something so senseless.

RIP :frowning:

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Deeply saddened by the loss of Joe McKnight. This is a terrible tragedy. Everyone loved Joe and we are going to really miss him.


RIP Joe!

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Man who killed Joe McKnight released without charges

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[b][i]The man who shot and killed former NFL player Joe McKnight was released without charges hours later.

Ronald Gasser, who was taken into custody after shooting McKnight, has been released, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

Police said Gasser and McKnight exchanged words in a traffic incident in a New Orleans suburb. Gasser reportedly remained at the scene and handed his gun over to police voluntarily. Although he hasn’t spoken publicly, he is presumably claiming he shot McKnight in self-defense.

According to police, McKnight did not have a gun either on his body or in his car.[/i][/b]

Here is the P.O.S., disgusting

I wonder if a Black guy would have been released if he had killed a White guy?

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Senseless :cry: R.I.P Joe McKnight :cry:


Self defense, come on, shoot him once maybe but how do you justify your actions of standing over an unarmed man and fire the second shot into him. RIP Joe, soar with the angels!

I stand corrected , Sheriff's live report so far has debunked a lot of the news reported so far. Have to wait and see for all the 'correct" info to be reported.

TMZ live broadcast

It is very sad. But we don't have the facts yet. One of the reports I read yesterday was that he shot Mcknight from inside his car. As we saw with the investigation yesterday in the Scott investigation the book was actually a gun and the white Cop was actually Black. We should always wait for the investigation to be complete but the fact that they don't have anything to charge the shooter with as of yet kind of points to the fact that there is more to this story than we know.

He has not been [b]formall[/b]y charged,? Jefferson Parish (La.) Sheriff's Office spokesperson Colonel John Fortunato told USA TODAY. “This matter [b]remains under investigation[/b].?
Road rage is a serious problem. An entire family was taken out in Quebec a couple weeks ago by an enraged driver...

Should let the process play out, but early reports are he may walk due to stand your ground laws. Hard to imagine how this could even remotely be true given the eye witness reports basically describe him as the aggressor and that one of the shots he fired was basically an execution. Sad to think that it's easier to make laws to protect one's rights to shoot someone than one's right to not be shot. Hopefully there is some measure of justice and his family finds some peace.

Sheriffs dept held a live briefing debunking the eye witness reports as absolutely false. They did say all three shell casings were found inside the shooters vehicle and that Gasser did not exit his vehicle and was "never" standing over top of Joe.

They say all those accounts are false and they are still in the process of piecing it all together. Its also said by the Sheriff that Joe was not apologizing to Gasser.

It would appear there is more to this than meets the eye. Either way, sad as hell :frowning:

At this point, about all I can say is that this was a terrible tragedy. Joe McKnight was taken far too soon. My condolences go out to his family and all those who knew him.

This wasn't the murderer's first rodeo! Road rage is his life!
And look at that they dropped the charges on that one too!

[b][i]The man who shot and killed Joe McKnight was cited a decade ago after a road rage incident in which he allegedly beat another man on the same intersection where he shot McKnight on Thursday, authorities said.

Ronald Gasser was issued a misdemeanor summons for simple battery in the Feb. 20, 2006 incident, after a man said Gasser attacked him and beat him with his fist, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office said. The charge was ultimately dismissed, but will be reviewed again now, JPSO said in a press release. [/i][/b]

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Here is what happened in 2006

The February 2006 incident involving Gasser was also the result of what was at first a verbal confrontation, according to JPSO. The victim in that case, identified by JPSO only as a 51-year-old man from Marrero, called 911 to report a man driving dangerously in a pick-up truck along Holiday Drive in Algiers. JPSO said the driver was later identified as Gasser.

[b][i]The victim noticed a phone number listed on the truck to report unsafe driving and dialed the number. Gasser answered and told the victim he was driving the vehicle, according to JPSO.

"A verbal altercation began between the victim and Gasser," over the phone, JPSO said.

The victim then stopped to refuel at the gas station at Behrman Highway and Holmes Boulevard, according to JPSO.

"It was at that time Gasser, who had followed him into the station, confronted him and began to strike him with a closed fist several times," the press release said.

Gasser then drove away from the station, the victim told JPSO in a 911 call after the altercation. JPSO Investigators, at a later date not specified in the press release, found Gasser and issued him the summons. The battery charge was dismissed, though JPSO did not say when. [/i][/b]