Joe McKnight justice

Can't Be Denied (TToliver on Twitter) has retweeted:

"Man convicted of manslaughter in Joe McKnight case sentenced to 30 years"

From March 15th.

Seems appropriate. What a senseless waste of human life for two people over an "altercation".

I agree with you Smogmonster. Such a tragic waste. I remember a friend telling me, "The next time some guy ticks you off on the road, realize that the decision you make at that moment could affect the rest of your life."

Had McKight not gotten into the verbal altercation, had he not gotten out of his own vehicle and approached the other driver [Gasser], McKnight might still be alive today and his little boy would stlll have a daddy. Hopefully, we will all learn from this. It is never easy to walk away. It is never easy to turn the other cheek. It is never easy to "back down" but it is equally not easy to know what kind of a nut case you are dealing with in the other car.

I could go on but I don't want to turn this into an off-topic discussion. Suffice it to say that the world of professional football be the CFL or NFL suffered a tragic loss with the passing of Joe McKnight.