Joe McGrath

Think Joe wishes he stayed with the Riders last year? Edmonton just cut him. Is there an upside to bringing him in?

It would be like bringing Scott Flory back...they were here and wanted to leave...stay're not welcome back!! Watch me have to eat my words, LOL!!

STAY AWAY JOE! don't ever come back JOE!

He didnt like it here before...because he why would we want him now.

Is there an upside to bringing him in?
In two words; hell no. Just because dude is from Saskatchewan doesn't mean we need this garbage on the team. I hope he doesn't get picked up by anyone. If he wasn't good enough for a bottom feeder this year why would he be good enough for a team battling for first? And don't give me that "veteran leadership" crap. This guy is done and he can stay done.

we as Rider fans have got to stop thinking that we need other teams rejects!

we're not the poor sisters of the West anymore.. We're not 1-6. we aren't going to be worrying about will we make the playoffs..

it's one thing if a great player is let go because of a fight or a dispute or a coach hates him.. and he's reallly good.

but if it's like McGrath who was dropped because he's not a good player and needs to find a new job outside of football. then let him stay out there.

Sure we don't need McGrath but why do we have to show such disrespect? Doesn't look good on the fanbase collectively.


Mother of weeping Jesus. I can’t believe it. Tried to believe it…couldn’t believe it. I agree with every letter of the above post.


I expect three more horsemen will be arriving shortly...?


I'm saying that our team has had a long history in the past of picking up other teams rejected players!!

notice back then where we were?

3rd or 4th place.

terrible, non-threatening teams.

Now just curious but take a look at Edmonton's roster.

there are a few players on their team that were rejects of other teams. Glatt was a reject from B.C.

he's the biggest one.

our team and fans need to begin to only want the best and nothing less.

You may want to print this thread off and tack it up somewhere....

I fully expect the world to end tomorrow.

Well, in that case even crappy tape will probably do.