Joe Mack

...I guess the thing that stands out the most, and bugs me, is the fact he hasn't faced the press yet, some 48 hours along it him hiding?

..or is it BB brass protecting him from a drubbing?

...either way, I don't see the PR benefit

FIRE JOE MACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Mack is a coward who fired his coach to cover up his questionable roster moves. He needs to be fired asap

Love the guy, he's a keeper 8)

^^^ :lol:

Yeah, how this guy kept his job and LaPolice, the guy who actually took Winnipeg to the Grey Cup astounds me. It's looking like Joe Mack's continued employment is Hamilton's best hope of making the playoffs at this rate.

He's not a coward. He spoke on the firing publicly, on camera. I don;t agree with his moves this year, but to call him a coward is a bit much.

who cares? he's speaking on thursday.

i dunno how it works in toronto or bc or calgary or whatever but.. do the gms's talk to the media much there either?

cuz id suspect they only talk to them when they feel the need too.

why should he talk to the media, how is he able to do his job? if the media wont let him.

lol @ other teams fans saying mack needs to go.

obie in hamilton has had how many years in the hammer and have done nothing?

macks had 2.5 in winnipeg. obie has had what? 7 years? in the hammer.

taman got 10 years in winnipeg.. mack gets 2.5??

dont see winnipeg posters calling for these 2 to be sent packing..

as far as lapo got them to the cup, no he didnt.. our defence did, tim burkes defence. lapos offence was the reason we didnt win the cup tho and the reason for his firing, he was brought in as offensive guru and for 2.5 seasons the offence sucked. thats the reality. for all you outside looking in... lol. those are the simple facts. mack fired lapo to save his job? lol MACK HIRED LAPO IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

...thursday, days after that debacle, unacceptable

..because, yes tkim, GMs in other places after something like that, especially when so much is riding on his shoulders, the GM would make a statement, even an apology, he would 'make himself available' and respond with something...Mack's silence to date, his avoidance of the press is telling.... @ blind loyalty

Killer I agree with you to a point. Yes it was the D and not Lapo's offence that got Winnipeg to the Grey Cup. Yes Lapo's offence basically sucked for 2.5 seasons.

But that offence put up zero points on Labour Day. . . so it is now even worse, with a head coach who has admitted to knowing little about running an offence. Makes it look like the cure is worse than the disease. It just made me sick, the whole team without exception just seemed to have up and quit on Labour Day; at least under Lapo, while they might not have been very good, they never quit. Winnipeg beat Hamilton handily under Lapo, and darn near beat BC under Lapo, so I thought things were looking up. . . then Lapo gets sacked and the team promptly lies down and dies. Unfathomable to me.

To me, I had long thought that the worst CFL game I ever had the misfortune to watch in its entirely was a game a few seasons back between Toronto and Winnipeg. . .a Mike Kelly "offence" against a Bart Andrus "offence.' Man was that brutal to watch. But I've changed my mind. That "performance" that the Bombers showed on Labour Day was bar none the worst "peformance" I think I have ever seen from a CFL team. If they repeat that this coming weekend, there should be a major shakeup coming. For professional football players to mail in a performance like that is simply inexcusable.

Some Winnipeg fans seem to really believe that the team is actually good and that it's just underperforming. That would be a coaching problem.

At this point, I think the team is just bad. That would be a GM failing to get the right players problem.

Should be interesting to see which one it turns out to be over the rest of the season. But if they get blown out by the Riders again, expect things to get ugly real fast.

No, our team is hot garbage!!! Not enough depth in our NI, cancer in the room,our starter is made of glass and the other two guys are still finding their way and we are undisciplined and look disinterested on the field at times. As far as last year, we were AWFUL down the stretch, backed in to 1st and beat a Hamilton team that quit and had couldn't handle the cold IN the EF.It was more of a case of the East division being a absolute joke last year. We were out coached and out played in the Grey Cup game and never had a chance. Then we lose a whole bunch of talent and if we sucked down the stretch in the 2nd half last year,it was quite obvious to those who weren't hiding behind the fact we staggered to the Grey Cup last year, we were going to struggle. Then we hire some OC that has never coached a down of Canadian football and who has some question marks on his resume. Best case scenario , we use the second half of this season as one long pre season and evaluate talent and get a QB ready to make a impact.

Firstly, I would like to thank all the fans who have shown such concern about the status of the Bombers recently. Your caring has been quite complimentary !
Secondly, if they fire the GM, as has been suggested, who do they replace him with and how does it help the team on the field and financially? Would this not be more of a burden than boost at a time when this team needs continuity?
Thirdly, if there are malcontents on the team, do they release or trade them? What other team would trade for someone who has quit on his present team? If I were a GM, I'd be wary!
Lastly, I'm a Bomber fan. With all that has happened in the last few weeks,should I cry and condemn the team? Is it time I should throw my hands up and decide to back another team, one with a winning record of course?... Or, do I stick with my team, defend them against the naysayers? I've never been a quitter! Hell, I've been a Maple Leaf fan for longer than many posters have been alive! The struggle is what makes you stronger. You may question my loyalty, but come Sunday, I'll be cheering for the BLUE BOMBERS!.....Thank you

My two cents on the areas of strength and weakness for the Bombers right now:


Receiving corps is talented and only going to get better.
Secondary, despite the struggles so far, is very good.
Running back is a position of strength.


For all the hoopla about Winnipeg's quarterbacks, they have no quality depth at the position. Pierce is an injury machine and wasn't very good even when he was healthy. Brink hasn't shown anything. Neither has Elliott. If I were Joe Mack, I'd start bringing in competition at QB in the offseason.
The offensive line is brutal. As a result, the QBs are under even more pressure.
The defensive line is suspect. Losing Brown and Willis has taken a toll.
The linebacking corps is average, nothing more.

There are way too many holes and question marks at key positions all over the roster. That's on Mack, not on LaPolice or Burke. One trip to the GC final powered by a topnotch defense and marred by a second-half swoon gave Mack the impression that he could plug any player into any position and still have success. He has been spectacularly wrong.

Dan you are a true fan, no one can question that at all.

And as for this:

I just wish that the Bomber players had that attitude. Sadly, it sure didn't look that way on Labour Day. I thought they all quit, no exceptions. They'd better bounce back quick.

I'll agree about Brink.

But Elliott? Last 2 games not so much, but his game against Hamilton, he went 33 for 43 for 406 yards. That's showing something. Yes it was only one game, yes Hamilton has a weak defence (but has anyone else passed for over 400 yards against them?). But I think saying he hasn't shown anything is not correct. I still he has all the tools to be a quality starter in this league.

Such a short memory we have as fans. MadJack, you'd agree about Brink, yet argue for Elliott based on his game against Hamilton? What about Brink's game against Edmonton (a much higher regarded D) where he went 26 / 38 for 300 yards?

They both have had good games, and they've both had bad games. They are both young and are going to have more bad (and good) games. I will bet $$ that both of these guys will be around for awhile in the league.

Our problem is that we need one to step up NOW, we don't have the luxury of waiting for them to develop. Out of all of our holes, the Oline has proven to be the most important. Makes it hard on inexperienced QB's, but it's what we have.
Secondary has been the 2nd biggest hole. Yes, we have talent galore there, but as been mentioned many times, way too many breakdowns at key times. Ego problems here that need to be fixed.

There is nothing wrong with our Dline, while not as good as lastyear (pretty hard to be) and not getting the sacks this year, they have gotten alot of pressure.

AS far as Mack, I'm not sure why everyone is so fascinated with him. He fired Lapo, a move not many Bomber fans are upset with. I don't understand why everyone else is. To me he gets the rest of the season to try and turn it around, if he can't then I could care less if he is fired as well. But we are not likely dumping our HC and GM both in the middle of a season, and paying both for the next couple of years. How is that progress? Let's try to use our heads kids.....

When in doubt, throw your coach under the bus... before the organization does the same to you....

Did Ken Miller teach you that?

..ooooooo, ouch