Joe Mack Is Als - AGM

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

If this was April 1, I would not believe it.

Joe Mack mucking around with the Als.

Smile Johnny, better your team than mine. :thup:

Perhaps more importantly the Als hired another Assistant G.M. today, one much nicer looking than Mack. :wink:

Here is an interesting profile of Catherine Raiche from last Fall:

[url=] ... -alouettes[/url]

I really like this hire, She has worked extremely hard to get where she is in a mans sport!
The obstacles she must have had to overcome, shows her perseverance and dedication! :thup:
And yes she is pretty and probably smells much nicer! :wink:

I like half the hire.

Johnny has always been a huge admirer of Mack. Just don't look at this thread...


[i]Don't look at it! :smiley:

Mack was a joke as a GM. His role for the Als is to find players in the USA. He has an extensive "rolodex" loaded with contacts. In this role, he should perform very well.

It's still funny that the guy Johnny loves to make fun of, now works for the Als! :lol:

Karma is a ditch! [/i]

[i]Johnny has already nicknamed them "Beauty and the Mack"

:D [/i]

Mack will have to prove himself all over from this new start.

Can not predict how well he will do. I will predict this much.

He WILL NOT bring in a drug dealing dirt bag that lives in his mom's basement.

Mack is like most politicians - they know the price of everything but the value of nothing!

As a GM he almost buried the Winnipeg franchise - only an emergency government bail-out and stadium build (also 100% government funded) saved the franchise.

Putting Drowsy Joe in combination with President/CEO Garth Buchko was one of the most epic fails in CFL history - - - - but those two pieces of garbage got paid well to disappear. Buchko will never go near a CFL office again. Mack's first penance (from CFL) was nearly 25 years.

But he does have an extensive rolodex - - - - he'll be able to identify several players that will help the Als - mostly defensive linemen, linebackers and import offensive linemen - plus the odd quality hoboesque wide receiver or dime a dozen running back. Mack is impotent when it comes to quality quarterback identification - and his track record with defensive backs is hazy - much like Joe's personality.

The guy who payed the highest price for Mack & Buchko's extreme incompetence was none other than PLOP (aka Paul LaPolice) who eventually got thrown under the bus by Mack (ie. fired). To get your dream CFL head coaching job and then find out you're immediate supervisors are a drowsy rumplestiltskin who put in a good 1/2 hour a day to his duties and an ex-radio time salesman (Buchko) who used about 4 lbs. of hair product on a 2 lb. head - that had to be disconcerting to PLOP. :cowboy: