Joe Mack hired as Bomber GM

Just reported on Sportsnet.

Wonder if he's a Greg Marshall fan?

Joe who ?

He may hire Scott Milanovich. Was he-Scott- not announced as the Argos head coach, last monday? A "voyant" said that. Still with the Als until....only the "voyant" knows.



Sounds Impressive. But to be greedy, I hope he lets us keep Marshall for our Championship year! :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Sportsnet report is surprising since it's not yet Thursday night in Winnipeg which, according to this article, is when the decision (Mack or Barker) is to be made:

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Sounds like a smart hire. Lots of NFL contacts undoubtedley.

Don't believe it's true until you see it confirmed by the Bombers, folks.

Look man its not my fault if the prospective partership with the Toronto owners fell apart.
You should be glad as an Als fan if Scott sticks around for another year anyway.

Sportsnet report was right. Mack's the man and it's now almost certain the Cats will lose Marshall, as explained about 2/3 through this article:

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I'll bet Obie has been on top of this for quite a while.
Can't wait to see who he has waiting in the wings in case Greg Marshall bolts.
Rich Stubler?

IMO He'll Hire Marshall .. :thdn:

It looks as though new Bomber GM Joe Mack has made his first move. The Winnipeg Sun reports that Bomber director of player personnel John Murphy has been relieved of his duties by the club.

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And, although it is believed that Greg Marshall is the frontrunner for the Bomber head coaching position, this article on the National Post website reports that the Bombers have requested permission to interview Alouette defensive coordinator Tim Burke in addition to the permission they have already received to interview Als' offensive coordinator Scott Milanovich.

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...interim team president Jim Bell said the decision to fire Murphy was his alone.
It's not bad enough that the new G.M. John Mack doesn't have any recent CFL connections

now he finds out that he doesn't get any say in decisions regarding
an important member of the football operations staff he's taking over?

Welcome to Winnipeg.

Winnipeg has requested permission to talk to, but has yet to interview [Tim] Burke, [the Montreal Alouettes Defensive Co-ordinator ]

Joe Mack, hired late last week as the Blue Bombers' general manager,
has simply stated he's seeking someone with CFL experience.

I wonder whether Mr Mack decided that he wanted to talk to him

or did interim President Jim Bell make another decision for him?

Winnipeg just surpassed Toronto as the most dysfunctional organization in the CFL.

Mack has started interviewing HC candidates in Mobile:

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Oh I wouldn’t say that. . . at least they’re doing something. . .