Joe Lobendahn

SASK signed Rey Williams and released Lobendahn.

the reason was salary .....I think hamilton could sign Joe fro a bit less than what he was making in SASK .

I have heard that Joe L is considerd not so great against pass defence and very good against the run and an intimidating force and big hitter ....Not sure if we are cosidering Bowman or Lawrence in the middle but Joe L fits the ticats mold of a Ben Zambiasi type MLB

Word has it that WPG may go after Joe L however and their 2 recent cuts of LOGAN and teh backup QB Elliot may be to free up monday for JOE L .

gerbear9 why do you always want to bring in some old veteran everytime they are released by some team? You've done it with Anwar Stewart, Ken-Yon Rambo and others. There is a reason why they are released by these teams. Sure, some of them may have a season left but that is not what the Ticats need right now. I'd rather have a new, younger player than some old veteran who is on his last legs. I say :thdn:

Gerbear always wants to go with the "familiar" over the "unfamiliar" If the team followed those principles, we would constantly be over paying for washed up veteran players and never be able to watch new young players to our league.

8) How could you even mention the comparison of Joe L and Ben Zambiasi in the same breath ???? :roll:

You don't build a team with the other 7 teams leftovers.

OK guys..i see the point of the familiar thing..Yes ,, but look how the unfamilair did with our DLINE last year ?
and also at DB .

Now we have a bit mroe familiar at DB with ( PATRICK , MCCULLOUGH, BEASLEY ) and we will see a HUGE improvement there .

JOE L can likely be had for less than what he was making last year and he is not old or on his last legs

Joe is only 30 years old and is not injured and was notlet go due to his play but due to his salary

The only reason Joe was let go was because they could give Rey Williams less and that would help pay for signings of
Geroy Simon , Ricky Foley , Dwight Anderson ,Weldon Brown, resigned Brackenridge,Bagg,


"The move comes as a bit of a surprise as Lobendahn was extended at the end of the season, and was under contract for at least the next season. Taman says the move was made because with the salary cap in mind.
"A number of factors go into a lot of things we do, economics is one of them," said Taman.
Taman obviously wouldn't go into specifics, but did hint that Williams will be cheaper for the team than Lobendahn would have been. They also couldn't have brought both to camp as Taman says they probably would have ended up paying for both of them. "This isn't what Joe didn't do, it's just Rey is a real complete good linebacker that is affordable for us, and that's the bottom line," said Taman.
Little by like Ricky Foley, where initially we knew what he was making was quite a bit," said Taman. "As time went on, and things happened, his price went down for a number of reasons."
As that number went down, that's when the Riders became interested in bringing Williams back into the fold. Taman also said that there was definitely interest from other teams in Williams.

Not so sure , it depends on a lot of circumstances , guys like Ian Logan for example , may be worth taking a look at , he is a NI been in the league for 6 years and played well -----some teams dump players for salary reasons if they think they have a cheaper , younger equal replacement. Look at Hank , Calgary lost faith in him yet he had the best year of his career with us last season and at the age of 37. --Fresh surroundings sometimes mean good results and a rebirth of sorts .--Apparently Sask thought this in regard to Rey Williams.
I mean bringing experienced players to camp who have a few years left does not hurt ---make the decision during camp whether he is worth keeping or not , if he fits in under the financial umbrella.

One player I would like to see Austin take a look at is Joey Elliot , he had some bad games and made rookie mistakes , but also had a couple of stellar games, was player of the week , ( I think) twice. He is young , probably affordable and coachable . He has a little experience and I do not understand ( and neither do a lot of Winnipeg fans from what I have read) why he was released and Brink was kept . Apparently he did not fit into the Winnipeg brain trusts plans, but that does not mean he is a loser and does not have potential long term , I remember a guy called Cavillo was not deemed the right fit in Hamilton many moons ago, look how that turned out for the Alouettes .