Joe Krol has died

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Sad news about a Canadian football legend and one of the great Hamilton-born athletes ever.

Oski Wee Wee,


Truly sad it's been a bad year for CFL alumni................

Sad news.....Good to see you Russ.

...the ranks are getting thin MadJack.... :cry:

Awful news ..:frowning:
have to to agree it been bad year for former players in the CFL

The sad news reports keep piling up. This has been a year in which we have seen the loss of so many of our gridiron heroes.

As someone who watched Joe Krol play for both the Wildcats and Argonauts, I can recall many afternoons watching his great skills.
He had a good, long and successful life. Oh, how quickly the years pass!

Rest now, Joe....


Nice to see you back posting!

It was great listening to Nick Volpe talking about Krol on the Fan590 today.

Volpe voted on TSN's 50 all time greatest CFL players, and he voted Krol as number 1. He was perplexed that Krol ended up at #46 of 50.

I guess it's a question of memories not going back that far for many of today's fans. It gives more recent players a definite advantage when it comes to compiling lists of all-time greats. But when you look at Joe Krol's achievements, and note that he played several positions on offence and defence, and also kicked, he was a truly remarkable player, in any era. His record in quarterbacking his teams in Grey Cup games is amazing. No one else, ever, has as many wins. Accomplishments like his should continue to be remembered for the great ones they were.