Joe Henderson...

Ok so here is my 2 cents... I know a lot of the press have been dumping on Joe Henderson due to some bad penalties.. but you are wrong!

I look at Joe Henderson and I see a young Ray Nettles or (if you were an Argo fan) Jim Stillwagon. This guy has a huge potential. Joe may end up in the NFL who knows, but he has the heart, desire and drive to be a play maker. Just sit and watch his effort, every game I watch him and man this guy has it. He did a fantastic job when filling in at MLB, which is where I think he needs to be. Ok so Anton is back now but I think Joe can overtake him when the time is right. Wally you gotta keep this guy, the last good MLB we had was Carl Kidd! Carl had it all.... he had the talk, the walk and gave it all on the field.

Leofan1 (old Leofan)... hey sportsmen what do you think?