Joe Hagins

The Hamilton Football Officials Association will be hosting their Ladies Night this Saturday. It is their annual dinner dance where we present the Seymour Wilson Award for outstanding service to football in the Hamilton area. This year’s winner is Joe Hagins!

This year’s function is at McMaster University, CIBC Hall (3rd Floor Student Centre) on Saturday December 10th. Cocktails at 6:30 and dinner at 7:00 PM. Tickets can be bought at the door for $50 each and it includes a full dinner and a dance afterward.

This is a great honour for Joe and I think that most of you would remember him for the huge catch he made in the 1999 Eastern Final in the final minute of the game on a 3 and 6 count. His catch was what sealed the deal for the Tiger-Cats to make the trip to Vancouver and win the 1999 Grey Cup against the Stampeders.

We’re looking for people who knew and/or played with Joe who would like to attend. We will be inviting people in attendance to come up and say whatever they would like to say about Joe.

It’s always a fun night!!!

If you would like to attend, please send an email to George Montani, Treasurer of the Hamilton Football Officials Association.

George Montani
Hamilton Football Officials Association




A great honor for a forgotten hero.

Have a great time. Hopefully some of his teammates can attend.

what A CHARMING young daughter he's raising

One of my 3 top respectable members in the Tiger Lair over the last nearly 20 years of deep interest in the team.

Hope it's a major successful evening

I remember that play. Saved us. Joe was injured on a certain or that play was he not? I remember hoping to see him the next season. Neck injury if not mistaken. Glad to hear he's still around town. Obviously quality guy that continues to make his mark.

Joe was injured first quarter first pre-season game of the next season. fell hard on his shoulder and tore a nerve which made his arm essentially disabled. The Spec did a front page store a few years later on his commitment to rehab and the tremendous success (though limited) his determination has had.

Most recently he was on the sidelines with Kyle Walters at Guelph. So when Kyle went to Winnipeg, Joe was out of coaching.