Joe Hagins

I'm glad to hear Joe's back to coach, too bad not to play. He was one of my favourites in the late 90's.
He, Tiggle and McGriggs were great together, and that catch against the Als (over top of B. Miles) in
the 99 east final, man that was awesome.
Damn that Willie Fells for crushing his neck in that preseason game.
Whelp, welcome back Joe.

Ted Watkins(67 Grey Cup),Tony Champion(89 Grey Cup) and Joe Hagins(99 East Final) are players who made outstanding catches in epic TiCat games. How special is it to have one of our best back where he belongs.Welcome home Joe. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Welcome back to the Tiger-Cats, Joe! I will never forget the astounding leap you made in 1999 to snag that ball. I know you will bring that same kind of all-time Tiger-Cat heart with you as you join our coaching staff. Great to have you on board. I wish you success in all your endeavours this season, and in years to come. You are a giant.

I will never forget Alouettes coach Dave Ritchies reaction to Hagans catch....on his knees pounding the Al's sidelines with his hands in disbelief...great call Ron Lancaster!

I will always remember his catch in the east final! He is one of the main people responsible for us getting to the cup in 99.

Yes, it was an amazing catch, and a fabulous call by Ron Lancaster.

Thanks Pat, for reminding us all of Ted Watkins' catch in '67. We all remember Tony Champion in '89, but not all of us remember '67 like you and I do. I'd add Henley's on the last drive in '72 as well.

Agree it quite a Impressive Staff this year.
Let hope they build on it ..

Glad to see Joe here.

However, I still think it's a shame that the Ti-cats haven't got Less Browne involved.

Obviously they feel the people they have are more qualified than Browne.


My point is that if they wanted him there he would be there.

I prefer to think Less didn't send in his coaching resume, Zenstate

He does have a somewhat decent resume.

Rather than wading through his all star playing years,

scroll past it down to his coaching years.

Welcome back Joe. Great to have you back.

Welcome back Joe! It's a shame his playing career was cut short by that injury. What a scary day that was at Ivor Wynne. He was one of my favorite Ti-Cats from a great Grey Cup team. We really don't know what kind of a professional coach he is though. I guess we'll see. Good luck Joe.

Great news. I've always liked Joe and I'm thrilled to have him on our coaching staff.

For those who do not remember Hagins played a mean LB for us.
He did have a taste of offense and defence in University.
I remember On a 3rd down call late in the Eastern Finals Joe made a crazy good catch from Danny Mac to preserve our last winning drive.

Was it on a fake FG attempt?

Does anyone remember the details?

No, it was on a 3rd and 1. I believe it was a long yard, but everyone thought Ron Williams was getting the ball. There were no receivers, big formation, triple backs (Hagins was one of them). I nearly fainted when I saw Danny drop back to pass. I thought “who is he going to throw to?” I thought it was a botched play at first. Hagins came out of the backfield to make the reception. I guess if it backfired, Lancaster would’ve been the goat for making that call. But you all know what happened. :rockin: