Joe going back to the Eskies!

What's up with this? Pretty disapointing for Rider fans. (or this one at least)

Joe who?

Just an example of the false assumption of many that all young football players from Saskatchewan want to play here as professionals.

Joe McGrath is highly over rated in my opinion. Last year, it was discussed in Edmonton when he was injured, that the import who replaced him out played him making the Eskimos' O'line better overall.

The Riders plan to go with two import tackles this season (Harris and Johnson). At the three practices I saw this training camp, McGrath was the second team left tackle. And when he did practice, he was unable to contain the defensive ends. I would say that they owned him. Some posters on the Rider website are wondering why the Riders were not going with him as a starting tackle, but honestly, in my opinion, he was not looking great in training camp.

I think the Riders are happy with their young offensive linemen they now have. Parenteau is doing a good job taking first team right guard reps. Some posters are saying he is looking the best of all the first team O'linemen. The other young linemen the Riders have in camp are looking good. Hutchins was suprising many with how well he is doing taking second team right guard reps although he struggled a bit yesterday I think. St. Pierre struggled at first with snaps out of the shotgun (which seem to have straightened themselves out), but he does well handling his blocking duties, especially on pass protection. He is also one nasty looking young man. He is downright scary to look at. He has a very mean looking face. I think he is for real. Chris Best is taking second team left guard reps and is doing okay. Jordan Rempel was taking second team right tackle reps and was looking no worse than McGrath.

The Riders did well in the trade with the Eskimos getting a first round draft choice and a player from the negotiation list. When Comisky retired, I think they were unofficially shopping for a Canadian O'lineman.

I think there's more to it than what it says.

I believe Joe wasn't doing so well at Camp and he knew it, so he wanted out...

you can bet your butt that's what it was!

Well after the last "Dinwidde signs" header I think I will take this "bet your butt" with a shaker or 2 of salt.

We signed him for too much thinking he was more than he was. We got out of this nicely.

Kind of like when your girlfriend gets a job transfer to a new city just before you were going to dump her. Then her boss sends you her severence cheque. I think Ritchie is still a Rider at heart!

this guy is a joke. He did the same thing to the Rams back in my day. joined the team, didnt make starter and quit. McCrystal used to call him princess.

Your right cflisthebest I bet the riders started to realize how overrated he is. I cant believe he's lasted 6 years in this league

According to what Ken Miller said, Joe asked to return to Edmonton pretty much from day one of camp so I wouldn't bet my last dollar on that at all.
All week people were puzzled by the fact he was not taking reps with the starters and now we know why--you aren't going to waste first team reps on a guy who isn't going to be there. We came out of this smelling okay--a first rounder and a neg list player isn't bad compensation--but we now have gone from potentially having the best 0-line in the league to just okay counting the loss of Wayne Smith. Harris, or one of the new kids might be good at tackle, and we have a couple of guys who can play guard, so we should be okay. But Instead of certainty we now have two of 5 positions that are anything but certain. A strength is now a question mark.
On the other hand, I thought signing McGrath was a bit of a head scratcher in the beginning anyway. We stock up on NI talent at a position but are afraid to play them. Basically, we also see that the "sign those Sask boys because they love playing for the Riders" is pretty much myth.

And Joe cost us Mo....

Arius has a point! What is the purpose of signing all these NI players and then refusing to play them? Calgary won the Grey Cup with a couple of rookie draftees starting on the o-line. Does Calgary do such a better job drafting they can actually play the guys they sign? Maybe they have coaches who are able to bring rookies along to the point they can be starters? I guess this could be what you might call "A Head Scratcher".

"Basically, we also see that the "sign those Sask boys because they love playing for the Riders" is pretty much myth."

Nice points man. Now that I've taken my chill pills, I am really starting to warm up to your information and opinions. I wasn't shocked when this happened, and it reminds me of the Scott Flory debacle.

Are you suggesting that Arius' posts are better when you are medicated?

Thanks for the question Artie. The "taken my chill pills" was just a metaphor for my new sense of calm and community as opposed to how I have behaved on these threads in the past. His posts are always good and relevant and maybe it's because I TRY to understand where he is coming from a bit more than in the past.

Arius, what have you done to AmScribe?

I want to know what is in those chill pills.


LOL!!! Metaphoric steroids. Lol!

A well medicated AS is a happy AS.....?
I don't know.... but I have noticed a more mellow, bordering on reasonable AS of late. Better for all... including AS....