Joe Faragalli

I seen the news of his passing, and would like to use this forum to offer sympathies to his family and friends.

yes for sure going to miss JOe!

.......he leaves having left his mark on the CFL game for a long time......sorry to hear about this.....

His 1989 Eskimos were the most dominant team in CFL history...16 wins, most of them blowouts. Unfortunately they didn't win the Cup that year, but I'll never forget that team.

R.I.P., "Papa Joe".

....Joe was one of those guys with a great passion for football....dogged determination ...and a winner....bye Joe Faragalli... :!:

Sincere condolences!

Rest In Peace Joe. The CFL and it's fans will always remember your love of the game and your contribution to it's great history.

sor to here that, may he rest in peace, and be taken care of in heaven.

Thanks everyone.
ohh man i’m crying again!
Papa Joe / Pops / Joe / Giuseppe / Coach…
… or Grumps, as we called him…

He was my grandfather.

He had that passion for the game like no other… it’s too hard to describe how much i miss him. He was so fun to be around… so funny… all the time.
My dad is also a football coach, and now my brother is in the making as a third generation… his name is Joe, too.
Anyways, thanks…

AND by the way, the info in the artical that was written is wrong…

He didn’t go out to lunch with Brian Dickinson… and he wasn’t ‘fine’… he had already had 2 heart attacks and was in the hospital. Mr Dickinson was at the hospital visiting him from Canada. After that, Mr D. went out to lunch with my grandmother, Lore. That’s when it happened.
And the cause was heart failure.[/b]

I thought you should all know that.


aka “AHH! it’s ALIVE!” :frowning:
Haha… Miss You

My deepest sympathy to you and your family, Laura. And to all of Joe's fans. He will be missed.

There should be more HC's like Papa Joe. But everyone's different and find different ways to succeed.
His son (which presume is your father Laura) was HC of the Argos (for those that are younger) under GM Bob O'Billovich for a while.
I don't know how many father and son's have been HC's in the CFL, but the only other ones I can think of are the Riley's. Bud and Mike.

To tell you the truth, I don't know much about my dad's past in football... for that matter, I don't know much about my grandfather's past in football either.
Most of the stuff I know is only since I was born in 1991. Before that, all the info I've got, I got over the internet since he died.
I can tell you that my dad was Michael... his other son was my Uncle Gary.

The CFLs loss is heavens gain.