....Joe Eeeee. getting the call

....Well we're finally going to find out what else we have at qb., as Elliott is going to get the start against Ham., according to Lapo.. Nothing against Brink but i think he's a better reliever than a starter...He may have to do just that if Joey can't move the team BUT I think we could be pleasantly surprised...The kid has the tools and is a natural born leader and will get all he can out of the offence...It looks like we're shoring up the O line as well and will most likely be inserting Boatman in for Taormina...I believe Boatman brings more experience and this should steady the line...All in all with Suber and possibly Logan returning, we should see a more effective D...Nice to see we are trying something different rather than standing pat ...We definitely needed a spark of some kind...Maybe this is it... :roll:

Green has also been signed to the pr....Nice to see this guy back...He's a gamer :thup:

Thrilled! Joey gets rid of the ball much faster than Alex does. His enthusiasm and arm strength might be just what we need

Never should have let Green go in the 1st place. Dynamite player, just watch him !

I wish hime luck, but if he can’t move the ball will we all be yelling for Goltz?
I also like Joey’s enthusiasm, but sometimes he looks like he’s panicking

as does durant,calvillo,burris.. etc

If the biggest concern about Joey is he looks like he panics at times.. well, sweet cuz all qb's do.

broke his foot, even mentioned it today. had no choice but to let him go at the time.

LaPolice has done the right thing by placing Elliot in the starting lineup after the first 6 weeks that the Bombers were desimated by injury and gave Brink time to find a groove.
The second six weeks should see a different Winnipeg team. With Simpson establishing himself as a top RB, the return of Cory Watson and the hopefully return of Logan stuber, and stewart in the D Backfield the Bombers are smart to place a the other talented and 100% healthy Elliot in now. Brink must also be banged up as he has taken some big shots at least one was illegal but he showed his toughness and talent and the Bombers showed some signs of playing well. Demond Washington being forced into starting has taken away fro his return game and they may have found a gem in will ford as a back up at RB to Simpson.
The O Line wil still be the question but with a healthy and talented QB to go along with powerful running game from Simpson and the reeiving unit back in place with hopefully the D backfield the Bombers should look like a completely different team.
The long 4 game roundtrip behind them to start the season they still have 3 of there next 4 at home. With No one seperating themselves from the pack and the potential of a now Healthy Elliot after the next 6 games the Bombers can get themselves back into contention. Believe that having only 5 more road games the rest of the season will certainly be in their favor as they may have gotten all the Ugly out of the way earlier on that road trip with 7 home games from here on out.

Elliott has 2 t's but...

I agree with most of what you are saying.. besides positivity is so much better than the constant negativity on these forums. It's nice to know you believe in the team and havent given up hope. You know i wanna add this, you mention all the injuries and all that, the road trip (dont think its a factor), but... for all our injuries, 4 game road trip, for all of that...

we are only 2 games out of first with 12 games to go. That's the reality.

People writting the season off, 2 games out of first in the east, let's write the season off cuz yup, the next 12 are gonna be crap too. <-- thats the attitude that seems to be running wild on message boards and so called "fan" forums.

12 games left, 2 games out of first with all the injuries, the schedule(eventho i dont think its a factor, i think injuries to key players are tho) and people wanna give up, well to those people i say, please do, go away...don't post, you have written them off already, you know. how many times does it need to be said, THIS IS THE CFL, last year we started 7-1, finished 10-8, BC started 1-5?1-6? won the cup, sask this year, 3 weeks ago, 3-0, today 3-3.

Its just hillarious that people are writing the season off.

We need more posts like this on here, its positive, its interesting and it's not the same constant crap that you see on these boards.. EVERYONE KNOWS IT ALL yet most have probably never played a sport in their life..

blame this guy, blame that guy, unless this is the olympics and its the 100 or 200 metre dash..man, football is truly the ultimate team sport.

In hockey a good goalie can steal you games, and a superstar sniper too.
In baseball, a big time homerun hitter can win you games.
In basketball, kobe,lebron,durant.. they can win games themselves.

Football, its truly about the team and i think when i see topics based on "JOE MACK IS AN IDIOT" "IT'S ALL HIS FAULT" "LAPO IS AN IDIOT, FIRE HIM, ITS ALL HIS FAULT" "BUCHKO is a moron, its his fault".

Like im pretty sure most those people that are saying things similar to that, im pretty sure most have never played a team sport in their lives.

How is it the gm's fault? how is it the presidents fault? how is it the coaches fault even.. are they out there causing injuries? are they out there missing tackles, dropping balls, fumbling, throwing interceptions, are they the ones out there playing even? NO , they arent. Too many people blame people who dont deserve the blame and fail to realize that football is about team, ONE SUPERSTAR can not win games alone, the qb needs the receiver to catch the ball, he needs the oline to block, he needs his rb to do his job, the d needs to do theirs, special teams also, its the ultimate team sport. More people need to redneckonize that.. Oh ya, here comes honey boo boo.

a few years back i played soccer and hockey.. we won the city championship actually, represented manitoba even one time at a tournament in alberta. In hockey we won the cities also, i got to play in an all star game, even played a little bit for the st boniface saints, eventho i was underage and just basically a call up. i played. i remember what my coaches said tho after every time we won, and eventho above i mentioned football is the ultimate team sport and it truly is, the coach was asked by a friend and the friend said... i cant believe i did it... i cant believe i won.. the coach said to him and this is what sticks with me about winning championships and games, he said.. NO,WE DID IT, WE WON. There is no I in us, there is no i in team, you may have scored the winning goal but if he didnt score the other goal, or made that pass to you or he didnt make that big save with a few minutes to go in the game, we wouldnt have won anything.

It's not "i" and it's not about me and him or her or whoever, ITS ABOUT US, its not the winnipeg blue bomber.. Its the winnipeg blue bombers, meaning more than one. Sometimes people need to be reminded that its not always 1 or 2 people that win the games or lose the games, Its a total team effort when you win and its a total team effort when you dont.

Killer, I agree with alot of what you say, but this post I disagree with. We as fans have the right to be upset with our team that is 1-5, and has put in questionable effort in some games. There have only been 1-2 games that have been played with emotion. Just because the other teams in our division have only been mediocre doesn't make us more successful. We are lucky to be in the position we are, what will the team do with it?

I also disagree with you saying football is all team. QB in football to me is more important than a goalie in hockey, especially in the CFL.

Killer, it's a very long way from playing community club sports to professional football. Further, having played these sports does not make you an expert on gauging the knowledge of others. If you had played in a community center that had a total of 6 teams and played against other centers that had over 100 teams you would found out what frustration and lack of success is all about.

This team is where it is because the management decided to go too young too fast. There is a reason why teams with a fair amount of vets are more successful. I am sure this team wants to win but they are lost and there is no vets to steady them. And you have to ask:"who made that happen?".

If the fish smells, the head smells too.

There are a lot of Elliott fans who'll be happy with this move. Despite that I've liked Brink over Elliott from what I've seen in the limited playing time each has had and from the few training camp practices I've gone but Brink didn't do enough to lose or grab the spot and desperate times call for desperate measures. Essentially IMO there's not much of a difference between Brink and Elliott. Both have had moments of making plays but each has pedestrian stats of a completion % near 50% and each has thrown for 1 more pick than TD. This preseason, their stat lines are very similar as well. In the end it may end up being nothing more than a lateral move as I'm not convinced the problem lies with the QBs so much as the guys on the sideline in charge of the offense. Same plays, same playcalling, probably same result. Guess we shall see.

Good summary of what JE brings to the table kubie. I would add I like the way he moves in the pocket, slides rather than the Buck/Brink happy feet dance.

Didn't know that,never read it anywhere. Thanks Killer.

True. Every time the Missus and I go watch practice (you really should join us sometime) we see Elliott get his reps and wonder what has to happen for him to get his chance. Hope he takes it and runs.

i agree. he's got the moxie and those thinking he hasnt play outside of garbage time have pretty short memories, his first year here he started week 18 with all of 4 weeks on the PR and looked good, last year he played on a torn acl and darn near won the game. this year in pre-season. Honest question here.. who looked like the best qb out there, who moved the ball the most, i'll answer that first.. it was Joey Elliott.

I'm not saying he's the second coming but i will say the guys got the intangibles, the qb "it" factor that you want in your guy, he's a natural born leader,quick release, aware of where the pocket is, sure he doesnt scramble as much but not sure u want your qb running around a ton, the guy may fail this week, he may succeed, it's hard to say, who knows, id like to think he will do what he has done when he's always been in there and thats move the ball. If he doesnt, im not gonna write him off, just like i havent written brink off, theres more problems right now than just the qb. Heres the funny thing, a lot of people exxpect joey to fail, the consesus on the main forum and the naysayers are that he will fail and the bombers will lose, well since thats what the consesus seems to be, i guess my question is.. what if he doesnt. whats the excuse gonna be if he comes out there, moves the ball, the bombers step up with an almost healthy roster and beat up the pussy cats. whats gonna be the excuse? lol tho @ saying what a cat really is called mostly by children and it being a banned word. can i say kitty cats instead of the word that most people use to call cats? lol really.. banned word. LOL @ a word kids in grade 1 call cats being banned.

I'm in agreement as well; I've always thought Elliott has more potential than Brink.

just want to add, there was a qb that mike kelly brought in now playing for the arena league, his name was adam dimichele, i always thought he had the same "intangibles" that joey has but never got a fair shot because he was a kelly guy.

i wish they would have given him a fair chance as he think he could have been our guy also.

but what i saw in AD, i see in joey also, it's nice to know that unlike AD, joey is gonna be given a shot :slight_smile:

Although the call was for elliot earlier Lapolice held to his guns and allowed brink to complete his chance and not cause a panic but that chance has ran its course the first 6 games are done the Bombers have all thier offensive weapons back and up to speed placing Elliot in now will give hime and the riders a fresh start with two weeks to prepare together. I do not see anything put good things coming from this as elliot with the stron running game of simpson with the return of watson will allow the Bombers to establish the run game early and often with simpson opening up the passing game for Elliot and the talented receivers as well as taking a lot of pressure and negative spotlight off the O Line.
If Logan, Stuber, and stewart are able to return to the roster healthy Rookie Demond Washington back to concentrating being a super return man and not a starting HB.
They will come out and surprise many a team the same way the riders did to start the season