Joe at SFO

I'm travelling to Chicago today and I'm at SFO. I stumbled upon this small shrine called the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame and this plaque to Joe Kapp. I thought I'd share. Hopefully you can read it.

I don't think I'm allowed to post pics in this forum, but here goes anyway.

It reads:

Good stuff rpaege I like history of past CFL players. I'll browse later and see what I can find.

Image posting is allowed

...WOO HOO!!!..

...oh....sorry, cool story....

Sometimes when I post pics they don't show up immediately for whatever reason /shrug.

Anyway, It was a pleasant surprise to see that! I actually remember Joe Kapp, and I believe I had a bubblegum card of his. I also remember him doing commercials for Squirrel Peanut Butter :stuck_out_tongue:

[url=] ... YER_ID=128[/url] [url=] ... AYER_ID=79[/url]

Good write-ups of former CFL coaches that did well in NFL in the above links.
Marv Levy -Montreal/Buffalo
Bud Grant -Winnipeg/Minnesota

Thanks for the write-up on Marv Levy
Takes me back to the "good old days"
Well...the other good old days

Hopefully Trestman will be as successful
Over the long haul
Maybe I'll even survive to see it