Jock Sanders

Beginning to think its time to put Brown in there moreso now. Not suggesting Sanders loses his job just sits a bit. That's two straight weeks with multiple bad plays that have put us in bad spots. I think he's trying too hard and maybe just needs to sit back a minute.

My guess is Brown is put on KR next week only because I think Jock Sanders will need to fill more of a role in the offense with Bagg likely done.

Yeah, I like Sanders' explosive ability a lot, but maybe his confidence is a bit shaken at the moment. And those fumbles could have cost Riders the game against a more proficient team like Calgary. I hope he can be kept in the line-up because he's a potential game breaker.

I have to wonder if the goal line return attempt is still in his head, because he was torturous out there today. Shake it of kid…you are the man back there!

Sounds like brown got hurt in practice. Sanders probably returning punts in Edmonton. He's been very close to breaking one open. He will do fine.

Matt Brown hurt in practice.

Kierrie Johnson won;t come off the 9 game for 2 weeks.

Has Jock messed up too often the last 2 weeks...........yes. But he deserves the chance and given Brown and Johnson not being available I would be surprised with any changes.

He deserves it. Last season his play was great and he ended up lost to injury. First 5 games this season he's positively impacted our field position.

He'll get another shot against Edmonton and I hope he brings an extra edge. Erases the last 2 games from everyone (coaches) and has a stormer.

a couple mistakes for how threatening he has been is more than a fair trade off. He has been providing instant field position and made 1 bad call, then a really bad game.

Also, didn't Brown get inked before Sanders even made played the game where he tried returning from the goal line (in a game I don't think he'd broken 5 yards returning because of great coverage)? The is no way they were disapointed in any aspect of his game prior to that, so I don't believe that is in the cards at all. I believe they found a guy who might compliment Sanders well, which means giving Sanders more game time on O. He did great things when he and Sheets were on the field at the same time last season, and I am guessing that they want to start working towards some of that guess is they don't intend to show it until they play either BC or Calgary...standings pending.

Matt Brown was signed before Sanders' struggles I think as an overall offensive weapon. I don't question Sanders' ability I'm a little concerned that he may be in a slump mentally, or maybe is trying too hard at times. I think you def stick with him but it's always good to have a second option if he starts to look bad in a game again.

If they work on some ball security (not holding it like a loaf of bread) than he'll be fine. It's pretty bad when you force a fumble while you're carrying the ball. The guy is still extremely dangerous and shifty, and he did break a big gain earlier in the game which led to great field position and put some life back in the crowd.

Just looked at roster and Matt Brown is now 9 game IR.

  1. He might have a serious injury. But we'll never know really. He's on the team but has never put green jersey on.

  2. If he isn't hurt badly..........they are stashing him and training him. He's a project they don;t want to risk losing off the PR.

  3. This move maybe shows some confidence in Jock that they coaches aren't going to knee jerk and pull the guy after 1.5 bad games. In Calg his gaff was fielding the punt? Yes it was a gaff but nothing bloody aweful. next game.........aweful with 2 fumbles. But you go back to that guy.

But i don;t think we see matt Brown in 2013. Funny how everyone gets so excited and high about players that have never played a down in the CFL.

Could be worse, could be one of those who think Tate is the next Doug Flutie.

With Jackson back in town, I'm guessing Brown is hurt. Too bad, video shows he has some moves.

On the 9 game according to

Now the real question is is he hurt or is he “hurt”. Perhaps Taman is using the 9 game as a second PR with guys like him and Kromah on the list. Smart if he’s found a loophole like that.

With Sheets' possible injury does that re-open the door for Sanders to step up or has someone else captured the team's eye?

Jock Sanders and Chris Garrett are both on the active roster.

But is Chris Garrett going to start over Jock Sanders IF Sheets can't go? I think this could be Jock's make or break opportunity.

I say yes, he would

Looks likes Hughes will be one option for Sheets.

Sounds like both Sanders & Garrett will get reps as well this week. Not sure yet if just one or both will be on the roster for BC.

Sounds like a mini camp this week for those 2...