Jock Sanders vs Noel Devine

In doing a little research I was able to perhaps shed some light on why Sanders has been successful as a Hybrid player and Devine has struggled.

First I knew they both played at WVU together in the NCAA.
While at WVU Sanders played the same role that he has played in the CFL the hybrid position. He played slot back with much success, change up RB with much success, and kick off returner with much success. The one thing that Sanders needed to add to his game was the punt returning part,

Devine on the other hand was the feature back at WVU at the same time. So Devine had little expereince in the slot and little to no expereince as a returner. The Als brought him in and in one training camp gave him a job that he did not play before.
Ther Riders could be a great fit for Devine. Knowing the Riders have the money and that Devine has the talent having him spend training camp working on being Hybrid and continue this into the season by placing hime on the 9 game to start the season.
Worst Case he cannot adapt to the new position and needs to spend the whole season on the 9 game or they release him.

Best case he will get the training and coaching and practice needed and a possible star is on the rise.

Mind you I would not think the Riders would put all their eggs in the Devne basket a mistake that Montreal seemed to make in 2012.
Riders already have a hybrid back frm Temple who spent half of his true rookie season on the Riders 9 game, Matt Brown. Brown returned both Kicks and punts as well as rushing for big yards when needed. He is missing the Slot back receiving skill.
I have mentioned Brown before I know but he was the guy they brought in and placed on the roster for two games when Sanders was in the doghouse.

I remember when my Philly Eagles had this Noel Devine kid. He was supposed to be a sleeper and whatever.

He was real good in college but he didn't cut it in Philly. He did not cut it in Montreal where they gave him every opportunity to show his stuff.

I think teams are better off looking elsewhere.

I think most will but both Montreal and the Eagles were looking to plug him into the returner / hybrid role. Problem is he had no expereince at all with that role as I mentioned earlier. While at WVU Jock Sanders hndled all of that and Devine was the primary Ball Carrier.
For me any team in the CFL would benefit from giving him a shot by spending TC and at least the first half if not the entire season learning that role. I looked at the Riders as a possibilty for several reasons.
one they have the $$$ to make an investment low risk and High reward spending half if not all the season on the 9 game IR.

Also though I do understand why teams whould just as soon move on as there are other Lindsey Lamar's, Tavoy Moores, etc. out there hungry for fame at that position. The Ridrs as I mentioned are no different with their own finding in Matt Brown