Jock Climie (TSN) man of many talents

Jock Climie is a man of many talents it seems…

The TSN analyst/panelist and former All Canadian receiver in the CFL is also a Labor/Employment Lawyer in Ottawa.
Jock earned his law degree by attending semesters at Queen’s during hiatus in the CFL seasons.

One regret he has though, as previously mentioned on air, was the fact that he retired just before the Als Cup win in 2002 to practice Law and thus never won a ring.

It is pleasing to hear about ex-players doing well in post football careers. :thup:

He also prefers Dos Equis

I remember when Jock Climie was the only bright spot on the old Rough Riders team

Jock is no dummy that's for sure.

Why do I feel like I joined a conversation halfway through? :lol:

Doesn't everyone?

He may not be a dummy... but he sure is an idiot!

I like the Jockster. He occasionally says something mildly goofy, but that's okay with me. Pretty much every bingo caller on TV says something goofy sooner or later if you watch them enough.