Jock Climie gave credit to our DBs

I watched some of the TSN2 replay late last night, and at halftime, Jock Climie was citing the blanket coverage from our DBs as the reason Calvillo was having so much trouble. He said some other good things about our defence, though I don't remember the exact words. Climie gets a lot of flak for being a Montreal cheerleader, but I thought he did a good job of putting his personal allegiances aside in his game analysis. Either that, or my house has a gas leak.

NO KIDDING! My brain didn't believe my cochlea (for a few seconds) either but jock strap finally had something positive to say about the Tabbies! "I Do not Believe IT!!" :cowboy:

Jock Clime's comments weren't a dream?? Really?? Whodda thunk?

Jock has always been fair with his comments. He just refuses to give credit unless it is deserved. Over the last few years Hamilton has not deserved much credit, at best a 500 team. Maybe this is a sign of good things to come. I never believed in a defense that played prevent all game. This year is a welcome change!

Without question the db's were doing a number on arguably the best receiving corps in the league. :thup:

They should be. They practice against OUR receivers all season... lol

Well said Displaced.


Glad I wasn't the only one in shock! Jock Climie is such a homer, FOX should sue him for copyright infringement lol

nice to see though that he was a straight shooter friday night...

Apparently Climie refused to give Saskatchewan their due credit for beating the Als last sunday night. Even Glen Suitor called him out during the Tiger cat game last Friday on a national telecast, emphatically and totally disagreeing with him.

Personally, I find Climie to be a complete homer. That kind of loyalty has no place on the panel. As an analyst, he needs to be objective and that includes with the team he played for. Honesty and fairness is what the audience deserves from him and I find, that he very seldom delivers that.