Jock Climie candidate for CFL Commissioner


CFL coaches and managers give their anonymous thoughts on what they’re talking about behind closed doors:

"My boss said Jock Climie might be one of the names for commissioner.
He said they want a guy who understands football and business this time.
Climie knows football and they say he's a lawyer, so he must be smart "

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Well according to wiki, he's a Labour and Employment Lawyer. Doesn't strike to me as someone with a strong business background the owners will get behind.

But of course he's a football guy...are we sure that Suitor didn't write the article? :smiley:

Whoever replaces Cohon should be a guy who can fix the Argos. I don't think Climie is that guy.

I think Climie is the perfect guy.
Articulate, a former player and well educated.
Plus he is likable.

Completely agree ArgoT. As well played in the CIS and the more relationships that can be built with the CIS, the better. :thup: The other thing I like is he comes across professionally and not someone trying to be "cool" and "hipsterish" for "cool" and "hipsterish" sakes.

Yes but he's not the executive CEO type that has the leadership, business sense and probably not the marketing skills. If you look at the heads of the NFL, NBA, NHL, none are ex former players, it's a job that where you don't have to be an ex-player or know anything about football. Just like Cohon, he was an executive with the NBA with an executive resume and no background in football and he did a great job.

slim, I do think that the CFL has some unique differences though from the big 4 American controlled and dominated major leagues that might call for a slightly different skill set at times. I don't know. :? Cohon did a great job, agree, but the Argo situation and relating to the owner, David Braley, well just saying maybe Cohon wasn't totally on top of that one.

Come on Earl. NO Commish has ever been able to tell Braley what to do. It is well documented. Frankly I don't think anyone will be very successful in that job until Braley sells his teams.

I just don't see how "a football guy" can fix the Argo situation. It's seems what's needed there is a polished business schmoozer with deep political roots and influence. Surely that's what the Argos will need to find new owners and home of their own.

who names there kid Jock lol

Ya but a lot are ex lawyers. And Climie fits that bill.

Stern, Tagliabue, Bettman were all lawyers.

So am I. . . maybe I should apply. Anyone here want to act as a reference?

you've got my vote MJ.
Just tell the BoG that poster "tangledweb" fully recommends and endorses you as acting CFL Commissioner.
should be a lock.

and if the nomination ultimately succeeds, don't forget that this country was built on cronyism which is a patriotic duty of each and every high ranking citizen of Canada.

..President & Chief Operating Officer Tangledweb has a nice ring to it... :smiley:

Nothing to add here, just wanted to ask Lionel Hutz's question: Can you imagine a world without lawyers?

And answer with this:


That's for you, Jack.

A league with a commissioner with the moniker "MadJack"? hmmm... :wink: Just kidding Mad, I'm sure you would do a great job!

Didn't know that king10 that those commissioners are all trained as lawyers. Interesting. I think by the time the commissioner is named, the Toronto situation will be dealt with one way or another already, either publically known or not, at the time the new commissioner takes over.

Ah, everybody hates lawyers.

Until they need one.

But society has made it that most people do need one quite often with the complexity of living in this modern society. Unfortunately though but what can you do. :?

Just the kind of guy you want for a CBA negotiation, is a football guy who knows the X's and O's and is already a well known name. You could do worse then Climie, but I just don't see him having the Toronto connections to help the Argos.

Very interesting. I think it may be a good idea. Not worried about his lack of Executive experience. As long as Michael Copeland stays in his role, that can be someone for Climie to lean on until he gets 100% comfortable in the role.

We shouldn't forget a name who was once the acting Commissioner and may want to be again. David Braley. :wink: