jo jo

is he still on the team? i thought we released him but i just read in a kenny article that he will probably be playing for the injured miles.

Yup. Just checked the roster and he's back on the team after being released.

That sort of release and back-on-the-team dynamic is not uncommon in the CFL. It's all part of the juggling act that is required to maintain the ratio of imports and non-imports.


im glad we kept him because unlike most people on here i think he has the skills to be a good player in the league. Hope you have a break out game jo jo

He was released, moved to the practice roster, and now moved back to the active roster to replace Miles.

JoJo plays with a lot of heart, very similar to Archie Amerson. I'm glad to see he'll be laying on Friday.

Who says he has to play at all?
Ham. has no shortage of import rec.s.
Keep P.Rod at wideout move Cohen or Baumann to Miles' slot.

Archie played with a lot of emotion...not heart. There is a big difference IMO.

Ben Cahoon plays with a lot of heart, if you are looking for an example of a player with heart.

If you are looking for a Ti-Cat player that plays with a lot of heart there are Tay Cody and JoJuan Armour....ooops, they are not on the cats anymore.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Archie played with emotion, not necessarily what I would call heart.

Thank You! :lol:


Archie was one of the toughest all out players to ever play for the Cats.
I think you are incorrect in your opinion that he did not play with heart.
What do you describe as heart?
All out effort
Going over the middle
Playing through injuries
Archie did all of 5'7" 160 lbs

I saw Archie give up on a lot of balls over the middle, I saw him shake his head and throws his arms in the air often when he felt the ball should have been thrown his way and he often pouted coming back to the sidelines. All are charcteristics of somebody that played with emotion - not necessarily heart.

He did often play hurt, I don't disagree on that.

He definately did not always give "all out effort" if he did I would likely be describing him as a player with heart. He didn't though he hustled when he wanted to, he wasn't alone though. I measure heart as above and beyond on a consistant basis. I like Archie, he played with emotion I would not describe him as a player that played with heart though. I just have a clear distinction between the two.

But you would describe Tay Cody as playing with heart??? Last thing I remember Tay saying is that he is sick of playing for a losing organization. That sounded like Heart to me! not emotion... :roll:

Told Last week he cut and put Practice Roster.
Good Thing Two In May play this week with Miles listed as day to day

I remember him taking punishing hits over the middle on a regular basis. Tough as tough can be. I agree with blackandgold

I agree with CK and B&G. Archie was an exceptional talent, fun to watch and he came to play every game that I saw.
One of my favourite Ticats of my 40+ years watching...

i thought that was kind of funny lol

Yeah tell me about it! LOL

Archie Amerson was the definition of a guy who plays with heart. And guts. And dedication. And abandon. And emotion. Glovesave, roll yourself a thick one and go to bed.

How quickly they forget...

You are wrong Glovesave. Archie played with more heart than anyone on the current roster, right up until his career ending injury. If we had 12 Archie's on this team, it'd be a different story. He was a great player for this team.

You guys want a Heart PLayer try ROB HITCHCOCK there ya go now that is a player who played with Heart and Emotion...