Jo-Jo Walker.

Where did he get to for the rest of the game?

I think he got hurt. I heard he was in street clothes on the sidelines.

Not hurt at all, he had a viral infection.

Poor Guy was as Sick as a Dog on the Sidelines..
Got love JoJo KK had Same infection and he did not play

I don't think you intended it, ONknight, but your description
makes it sound like Kenton is less of a man than than Jo Jo.

Kenton's virus hit him on Thursday

It may have caused him to lose his appetite for a few days,
which would make him feel weak and sap his energy, ONknight

Jo Jo's viral infection may have suddenly struck him during the game
so he may not have felt weak and lacking in injury at game time.

They may have completely different viral infections as well.

i know this isnt really what the topic is about but damm did he look good again.

Yes ron I did not intended it as a Slam on KK.
The Coaches Made the Decision not to play him
But for Jojo to Gut it out that 1st half this why he is here.
He works his ass off got love guy like this

I also have to give it up for JoJo. Seems likely he would have gone all the way on the kick return in the first half were it not for his illness. He also made a nice catch out of the backfield that looked a lot like the kind of play we used to run for Amerson. I still like the big guys as our starting receivers, but if JoJo can produce on special teams he has a chance to be an occasional contributor of offense. I will admit I didn't see this coming, but glad to give him his dues. Nice game....

Jo-Jo Has Really Step it up this year and played well in limted action he has seen.

He's not big but always seems to find a way to get it done. I would find a place for him on my team.

I had the glasses on Walker after a play and son of a gun if his lunch didn't magically reappear on his sweater.I think that was his last play.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

lol jo jo's a champ. i hope he is ready to go for monday.

All of the above are true. He also gets hammered time after time and doesn't drop the ball. Lots of courage from this guy when he knows he is going to get creamed.

Keep him around for special teams and 5-pack receiver plays. He has earned a spot on this team now and for the future. :thup:

Once again I must say he is the player that has the most heart and determination on this team and his small frame is not a problem when it comes to production.

If he was a starter every week, he would probably have P-Rod type numbers. If you look at JoJo’s stats and compare them to how many games he has started he would have upwards of 700-800 yards receiving. He has almost equaled his stats from last season and he has 10 less catches.

I think it would be great if we kept this thread going and showed some love for JoJo and if he is healthy for next week, we can try and make our voice heard in hopes of the team starting JoJo at Tony Miles’ slotback spot.

I think we all agree here that if he is not a starter, at the very least JoJo should be our #1 return man. JoJo returns kicks and punts better than anyone on our team for the main reason that he just catches it, looks for a lane and runs for it. He doesn’t dance around with it and sometimes loses yards.

I would love to see JoJo in for Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!

finally da guys getting some respect.