Jo Jo Walker

G-Bonds, you'll like this one:

Allow me to be the first to say that Jo Jo Walker had a great game and made some excellent plays for us tonight!

I have been tough on him in the past and I honestly didn't think he had this type of performance in him. Three catches for 51 yards (ZERO DROPS!) and a beautiful 24-yard punt return is more that you can ask out of a 4th or 5th receiver that was basically cut and demoted to the practice squad less than a week ago.

Now I'm not saying I'm sold yet because one game isn't everything, but you can't argue with his game tonight. He did everything that was asked of him and more. Keep it up Jo Jo!

I knew he had it in him I just think it will take a little bit longer for fans to warm up to him like yourself -AMG-.

There is just something about JoJo that I have liked since day 1. He is small in stature but huge in heart! The guy plays his heart out every time he steps on the field whether it is a game or just practice. He has more upside and potential than people give him credit for.

Today JoJo's 2 great plays set up 2 field goals. I hope the coaches notice his ability to get open and make key plays when called upon! He wont be our #1 guy but over time he can work towards it like a former small Tiger-Cat Archie Amerson did.

We need players like JoJo! and I hope he will be around for years to come!

I agree with everything you said except this. And it's not just Jo Jo, but nobody was open all game long. It was pretty bad actually.

Even Rodriguez....he wasn't open half the time, he just made spectacular plays out jumping everyone and coming down with the ball.

Anyways, not trying to take anything away from Walker....he was very good tonight.

Walker stands out because the rest were horrible, except Rodriguez. AMG is so right, hardly anyone was getting open. Offence was awful, defence was playing huge but were tired at the end.

jo jo looked great out there. i hope the coaching staff realizes that he is 10 times better that mitchell, and they keep him in there next week.

Jojo has Talent but up to him and coaches to bring it out

No doubt Jo Jo has Talent, But he is Small in stature, so that will hannicap him, ie P.R who can go for the not so perfect passes, where Jo Jo would not have a chance. I like him as the Ti cats Kick return Specialist. with another speedster to work the reverse with. And as a backup reciever.