Jo Jo Walker

I figured since it is 98% negative response after the game I feel I MUST be highlighted as he deserves praise. Jo Jo has been nothing but excellent in his time with us.

Saturday night was another Jo Jo Show on special teams he is very exciting he had not one but TWO awesome returns called back. On offense Maas didn't use him at all but Timmy Chang knows how you share the ball quite well and as you seen Jo Jo not only can return footballs he can snag them very well.
I figured since it is 98% negative response after the game I feel I MUST be highlighted as he deserves praise. Jo Jo has been nothing but excellent in his time with us.
Agree, and Setta and Moreno looked good for newcomers also. This was their first game, room to keep improving for them and guys like Curry and others also.

These recievers have talent. Chang gave them a chance to show what they have. Maas just did not throw the ball to them. Jo Jo will make a great go to guy if given the chance. One thing is apparent to me though, Ralph has to go Canadian or not. Put Bauman in.

You know I talked with him after the game, and he was hot. " The fact that we lost to a team that we can and will beat",.

Next week it will be better

cmw1612, So when are you commin up here and watching a game with us in person? I'm sure your little bro can hook a brother up with a plane ticket. LOL

lol hey he better, but for real im looking at around late july...

We talked about well see how my work goes...

Shoot quit work and ask Jo Jo to hook you up in the franchise and me too lol you want towel boy or water boy cuz i'm good either way LMAO :lol:

lol you are funny,
That wouldnt be a bad idea...

We both could work for him lol....

I bet you would be a cool ass dude to hang out with up there

hey man just hit me up on here when you are on your way Ill meet up with you at the game and chill I usually go with my 2 buddies and my girlfriend so we would have a good time.

You already know I’m a fan of your brothers so we can both start some S*** if they don’t get him the ball LOL

lol im down....cant wait..
hell i guess ill put on a jackrabbit suit and run the damn field myself...

LOL I damn near killed myself laughing picturing you running on the field when they don't pass to Jo Jo and I'm chasing you with a sign saying Jo Jo for Mayor! and the only 3 security guards trying to catch us...

And its only pre-game warm-up LMAO :lol:

One of These Games Jojo is Going break out ..
Then Everyone will Fear Jojo the Jet cause he got the juice

JoJo is the Real Deal

I just might do that in pre game...

JoJo did look good and I look forward to seeing him bring a few back for a TD. The penalties that we took are easily corrected and I'm sure the coaches will make sure they won't happen again. I think there's going to be some exciting ST work done this year.

Ya if Anderson and Beveridge didn't get those penalties Jo Jo's Stats would look double as good. Well actually I think they got a penalty on every kick or punt return he had since there are no returning stats on his page.

With the release of Richard Alston does this mean Jo Jo has a starting receiving job?

I thought Walker was ALREADY starting at slot?

Alston's departure probably means Thyron Anderson will be suiting up as a starting WR against the Argos (opposite Ralph as the other wideout). Curry will probably remain as the other starter at slot.

True but I thought Getzlaf would maybe start at slot and Walker the other and Ralph and Curry at wideout.

Hey GBonds88 are you ready for me to wear that jack rabbit suite....

Ill have one on but here in texas wont be any fun to run around the house...

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cmw1612, How much that bad boy cost ya? I'm thinking of getting a squirrel outfit since they are like the jackrabbit of Hamilton. LOL