Jo Jo Walker...awesome!

Believe me, this guy has been the surprise of the 08 season. He has been making unbelievable catches since training camp. When the ball is thrown his way, he does whatever it takes to make the catch. Me thinks it's going to be pretty hard to take him out of the line up. :cowboy:

all this is true.
all of which means: goodbye tony miles.
we can save a ton of his salary by releasing him asap (or as soon as his injury heals, as long as it's before labour day).

JoJo has had his detractors and I have been critical of him at times myself. I wonder if sitting out a bit and watching from the practice roster has lit a fire under him? He looks like a new man and maybe a few others could use a little time out.


The fire has always been there, He just needed time to burn.

Jojo has always been good ..
People were just not looking to see it


just take out scott mitchell
the guy has done nothing lately

i am not saying to cut mitchell…just have miles in front of him.

All I have to say to this thread is...


Getting rid of Maas would improve any receiver's performance.

Jo Jo is a Charlee Taaffe player in development, TOO bad they didn't have as much patience with kamal Peterson (sp) he is making some big catches for the Eskee,s. but taking nothing from Walker he is Playing like Archie or Darren !!!

That is big of your say Massdestruction
somthing Faith in people can pay off.
hmmmmmm Something to Pounder

I disagree with this. Jo Jo is playing ten times better than last season and he is even a better return man.

I was looking last year and I'm looking this year. This year, Walker is getting the job done.

Yup....and I told you I'd admit it if I was wrong about Walker and I was. He is playing very well and I'm glad to see it.

I was actually expecting him to drop off a bit after his first big game, but he has been consistent and he's making things happen.

Boy!...JoJo's not big, but he is fearless.
I've seen him take some big time hits and still hang onto the ball. If everone on the team played at his level of intensity, we'd be in much better shape.
Me thinks when someone is inserted into the lineup and plays super, you just can't take him out.
If not for those two, unfortunate plays, I think it would also be hard to take Richie out. I'm sorry that might cost him, :cowboy: though.

It took a long time last year for Jo Jo to get balls thrown to him,

but still, he was learning to read the defence and adjust his routes.

He makes big plays now because he feels comfortable
and he is rewarded by being the target of more passes.


There is a steep learning curve when players reach the CFL.

Now Jo Jo has advanced well up his learning curve
and so he able to perform up to his potential abilities

The achievements so many of our imports have had
at high level NCAA football schools is amazing.

Sometimes it's glaringly obvious on the practice field.

When one of them screws up 1 or 2 plays in a game

fans call for that player to be fired right away

and yet these fans haven't got a clue how well
that player played in the other 25 plays he played.

I guess if these fans can call for established veteran's heads
to be offered as a sacrifice on a platter because the team lost,

I should expect that they would do that to rookies, too.

Unfortunately, if newcomers don't reach their potential quickly
our coaches often go to somebody who is a quicker study.

Unfortunately, if newcomers don't reach their potential quickly our coaches often go to somebody who is a quicker study.
Now your gettin it ron. the coaching is bad bad bad, how close did jojo come to being gone? very

Is it a fact that Jo Jo was close to being gone
or is that your opinion and that of many fans, beet?

Its not a FACT.

The fact was he hurt his elbow in training camp, and that put him on the injured list. So with that spot open and time for him to heal, he was placed on the practice roster until 100%.

Why waste a active roster spot with a player hurt.

I watched the game again last night and Jo Jo certainly was impressive. In fact, the team actually looked pretty good minus the errors. Richie looked particularly good on a number of plays with his scrambling abilities and unorthodox throwing style. But Richie and Jo jo teamed up on a few occasions and showed that they have the beginnings of a nice chemistry.

Count me in, too.
In the beginning, I was not a big fan of Jo Jo. I thought he had some talent, but looked to loosey goosey out there.
Then, there was the Argo game ( could have been Montreal), where he caught a pass down the middle, got popped real good, but hung on to the ball, & just walked over to the huddle. I thought that shows real resilience.
I say he is a keeper.
Just don't know WHY it takes so long for our coaching staff to see talent, considering JoJo was cut, I think.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

there were quite a few times last year where he did this exact same thing but no one gave him credit. im glad he's finally getting some credit.

Jo Jo is on his way to the next level all aboard the jet is taking off!!!!!!!! Before his career is over with he will be known as JO JO THE GREAT he is more motivated than ever out to show he is the real deal